Alston Elliot Leases Pixellot System

Pixellot’s in venue cameras head

Alston Elliot Ltd (AE), the UK’s leading sports graphics company providing live 3D graphics to broadcasters has agreed a long term partnership with Pixellot Ltd, a young, Israeli startup company that has invented and developed a unique ultra-high-resolution unmanned video capture-all system and remote proxy video production technology.

Pixellot’s system provides a high quality, low cost, simpler alternative to traditional production workflows. Additionally, Pixellot enables a unique 2nd screen viewership enhancements such as replays, player cameras, enhanced zoom and fixed 3D objects graphics, to name a few.

Pixellot remote production director screen


“We are extremely excited to kick off this partnership with AE, which is a key player in sports and graphics production,” said Dr. Miky Tamir, Pixellot’s co-founder and chairman. “They have a proven track record in identifying and assisting new technology companies, all of which makes them an ideal partner,” he added.

Neale’s quote “in line with our history as early adopters of technology, we are delighted to work with Pixellot. We feel their platform is a game changer that will enable a whole new production and viewership experience. As trusted suppliers to a vast network of broadcasters and production companies, worldwide, we see this relationship further enhancing the wide and varied range of services, which we deliver to our clients.”


Pixellot Ltd. Is a newly formed startup company based in Tel Aviv.  Pixellot’s offering is an affordable alternative to the traditional outside broadcast video capture and production system. The technology is based on ultra-high-resolution unmanned video capture device, a remote proxy-video production suite and a series of unique new media applications providing interactive and immersive viewing experiences across all media types. Pixellot was founded on early 2013 by Dr. Miky Tamir and Gal Oz.

Alston Elliot Ltd is recognized as one of the world’s leading providers of television sports graphics and data solutions. Formed in the UK, in 1994, they have subsequently opened subsidiary companies in South Africa, India and Australia. Their reputation has been forged on an ability to consistently deliver their ever-evolving range of services, in even the most challenging environments. As one of the first adopters of Vizrt software they have been frontrunners in the design of innovative graphics and in-house developed software applications; covering a vast range of sports, worldwide, with a particular focus on football, cricket and rugby union.

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