All Mobile Video Trucks - On a roll with Penta HD2line Monitors

Penta monitors’ color matching remains unparalleled in the market from 17” up to 55”

Penta Studiotech, LLC announced today its high-end professional broadcast monitors are now rolling in All Mobile Video’s OB trucks.  All Mobile Video, one of the USA's premier provider of end-to-end video and audio solutions for entertainment, sports, and news programming and event, recognized no better mobile monitor solution, no better price point, no better gray scale and color depth than Penta’s 10-bit class 1 panel with a 16-bit panel drive – all top-notch broadcast monitors with Penta’s perfect color accuracy.

“Penta wraps up first quarter 2012 with a new feather in its cap, I am delighted to report” said Penta VP for Sales and Marketing, Markus Unfried.  “And Q2 we are hitting the ground running. Looking toward April and the annual trade show produced by the National Association of Broadcasters”, Unfried continued:  “Yes, Penta returns again to Las Vegas – by the way, Booth N 214 – where our team will be providing demonstrations of our brand new 55” LCD Broadcast monitor.  What a beauty!  This latest addition to our HD2line Pro Series proves once again that with Penta monitors there are absolutely no compromises in core features like color accuracy, resolution, precise imaging and picture quality.  It proves that size matters and Penta monitors’ color matching remains unparalleled in the market from 17” up to 55”.  We defy even the keenest customer to find a better comparable monitor, at the price points we’re offering.”

About Penta Studiotech
Founded in 1987, Penta is Germany-based; with sales/service offices in New York City.  Through its time-honored commitment to innovation, know-how and focused technology research activities, Penta has been able to establish a remarkable global reputation in excellence.  Penta provides the most comprehensive and impressive range of broadcast LCD monitors to the global market today, managing a distribution network that stretches into over 40 countries.  Penta remains proud to provide broadcast professionals with the very highest industry standard equipment at very competitive prices.


Penta – Picture Perfect
Precise and true color reproduction is essential for any top-notch broadcast application.  Penta monitors offer pre-set and on-site color calibration.  Penta display monitors leave the factory precisely calibrated, but these monitors have the added advantage of DCS (Display Control Suite), an exclusive color calibration and remote control software.  This is the ultimate tool for automatic color space adjustment.  DCS guarantees repeatable and precise color reproduction compliant to EBU, SMPTE and ITU 709 standards.  Penta HD2line “Perfect Color Accuracy”derives from an exclusive color management system which uses a unique 1-D or also a 3-D LUT to reproduce precise color gamut.

Penta – Fail Safe
Penta HD2line Pro series monitors operate with no internal fans, no noise, no heat.  Penta monitors use a modular slot design: in-puts and out-puts can be configured according to individual needs.  Penta monitors are fail safe;  overall monitor viability never depends on any component part.  Customer service and 100% satisfaction are paramount at Penta, whose monitors are robust, versatile, and made to run 24/7.  Penta stands by a 24-hour service guarantee, with an all-hands-on-deck policy to ensure that Penta customers experience no broadcast monitor downtime.


Product Highlights - HD2line Pro at a glance
·    ultimate picture quality
·    outstanding gray scale and color depth through a 16 bit panel driver
·    number of colors displayed:  1.07 billion colors (RGB - 10 bits each)
·    perfect and repeatable color matching between monitors
·    multiple color gamuts
·    precise picture uniformity and stability
·    multi-format sign support - freedom to operate in whichever format you work
·    automatic aspect ratio and mode identification
·    1:1 pixel mapping
·    perfect motion interpolation for interlaced signals
·    wide range of input formats:  analog and digital up to 3 gb/s
·    fiber optic input·    VITC/ATC timecode display
·    NTP (network time protocol) driven realtime display
·    WSS/AFD indicator
·    closed caption decoding (ITU-608/708)
·    Dolby indicator
·    8 channel audio level meter
·    selectable color temperature 3200K, 5400 K, 6504 K, 9300 K
·    color component display modes:  all, red-, green-, blue-only, monochrome
·    dynamic and static UMD support
·    tally support via GPI and VGPI (network)
·    safe area and safe title
·    DCS remote control software
·    centralized monitor wall control via Ethernet
·    Ethernet-based remote control panel
·    programmable GPI control
·    multilingual on screen menu display
·    built-in screensaver to minimize sticking
·    built-in diagnostic and test pattern generator
·    rugged, durable design
·    no fans - no noise
·    optional ND glass filter
·    optional 3D-Mixer