AETA Launches Scoopy+ With LTE at NAB 2012

AETA Scoopy+ with LTE, for Greater Performance and Flexibility

At the 2012 NAB Show, AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS will launch an enhanced version of Scoopy+, the company's class-leading multitasking portable codec, with new support for the LTE standard.

LTE is the newest standard for mobile communication, providing considerable performance advantages over the 3G standard, and better coverage in rural areas due to the use of lower frequencies in the 800 MHz band and IPv6 support.

"Adding an extra network is a significant advantage because it increases the flexibility for the user in case of congestion," said Christophe Mahoux, general manager, AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS. "In many areas of the world the 3G networks are already overloaded due to the increasing use of smartphones, so with Scoopy+, professional users can stay a step ahead of the crowd."


Scoopy+ with LTE has been successfully tested in Europe, the U.S., and Japan. LTE frequencies vary between these territories, so AETA produces different versions for each region. For optimum LTE performance, Scoopy+ can be specified with an internal module, or as an alternative, external USB LTE sticks can be fitted to existing Scoopy+ units. With an external USB stick, LTE capability can be used in conjunction with an internal HD Voice module.

For fast switching between mobile network providers, Scoopy+ can support internal and external mobile network devices in parallel. Adding an external USB LTE stick to any Scoopy+, in addition to its internal mobile network module, allows users to connect to two different providers, using the Scoopy+ menus to switch to the alternative network if one is congested or unavailable.


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