ADTEC Delivers Flawless Transmission of Twelve Hour American Le Mans Series Opener

Adtec Digital's EN-81 multi-CODEC Encoders and DTA-3050 Multiplexer

The 2012 American Le Mans Series opened with one major goal in mind, to deliver the most exciting race and most content to its fans.  To that extent, the team at Mobile Satellite Connection paired with Adtec Digital technology, delivered a flawless transmission of the 60th Anniversary Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring [Florida].

Utilizing Adtec Digital's EN-81 multi-CODEC Encoders and DTA-3050 Multiplexer, Mobile Satellite Connection created a 108.337624 Mbps transport stream. Included in the stream were two H.264 linear back-haul feeds, 8 in-car camera feeds, and a “Snoop” cam that focused on the talent in the booth calling the American Le Mans Series race. This multiple program transport stream was then sent to a set of Newtec Broadcast Satellite AZ110 Modulators with built-in up-converters using 32APSK to fit it all into one 36MHz C-band transponder. Content from the backhaul feeds went to ALMS Broadcast partners and the other feeds went to the “Net” via Origin Digital utilizing Adtec Digital's RD-60 IRD to demodulate the 32APSK satellite transmission.

“The results were impressive and that may open the door for other opportunities for high order modulation to be used as an alternative to fiber,” said Eric W. Kludt, technical manager for Mobile Satellite Connection.  The EN-81 is designed especially for Tier One Satellite, ASI and IP transport and DSNG applications. It offers 3D, HD and SD MPEG-4 AVC 4:2:2 and MPEG-2 encoding and boasts 16 channels of phase aligned audio.


“Adtec is very focused on Tier One contribution including Satellite, ASI and IP transport. The Mobile 1 Twelve Hours at Sebring contribution transmission represents just one example of how we differentiate our contribution solutions from others,” said Kevin Ancelin, Adtec co-founder and SVP sales. “Adtec has objectively presented MPEG4 AVC 4:2:2 compression, multiplexing and 32APSK to Tier One broadcasters worldwide for many years and it’s very exciting to see these technologies converge to deliver high performance, reliability, quality and innovation,” remarks Ancelin.

The entirety of the race was downlinked using Adtec’s DVBS2 32APSK capable RD60 IRD by ESPN and others for live and re-broadcast purposes. The RD60 also provided DVBS2 32APSK RF to ASI turn which facilitated the global live web streaming of the Sebring event.  In addition to live web streaming, the race was re-broadcast on ABC Sunday March 18th.

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Established in 1985, Adtec Digital is a global market leader providing hardware and software solutions for contribution, distribution, studio, commercial insertion and professional video playback applications. Adtec develops equipment and solutions for standard and high definition MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC compression, multiplexing, decoding, ad insertion, playback and data management. Adtec products proudly serve the global broadcast and professional audio-visual markets. Adtec Digital is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with product and development solutions in Jacksonville, Florida. Among other accolades, Adtec Digital is a three-time Superior Technology Award Recipient (STAR) by TV Technology Magazine.


About Mobile Satellite Connection
Since its inception, Mobile Satellite Connection (MSC) has continued to pursue the goal of new technologies. Mobile Satellite Connection led the way in the movement from analog to digital, assisting several networks in making the transition. A few years later, as technologies changed, MSC was again at the forefront, leading the way as the industry made the move to HD. Not only was MSC involved in the early stages of HD testing and early adoption for live event transmissions, the company also pioneered numerous solutions including the first HD/SD combined transmission, the first HD/multi-path SD, and the first HD/HD transmission – and all of these solutions utilize a single transponder.

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