Abu Dhabi Production House Fonoon Brings 'Best in the World' Showline on Board

Fonoon's Firas Tayfour and his team

For 14 years, leading event production and management house Fonoon has been delivering exceptional services to the Middle East's top companies and clients. Keen to continue with the tradition the company added Showline's high performance SL BAR 660 and SL WASH 180 luminaires to its arsenal.

Fonoon has an extremely impressive portfolio backed up with experience managing a broad range of significant events from corporate occasions and lavish weddings to large-scale concerts. From the production end, Fonoon takes charge of every aspect of an event, including the lighting, sound, staging, video and special elements such as lasers. In order to offer its clients original and exciting event concepts, the company ensures it stocks the latest in versatility and innovation, hence the investment in Showline LED luminaires.

"We're actively look out for the most innovative products in order to provide our clients with fresh ideas and exceptional quality," says Fonoon's Firas Tayfour: "A stand out range of products that we have stocked this year is definitely the Showline luminaires - we trust Philips, so when a new range becomes available we are immediately interested. The SL BAR 660 is so versatile, we can use it vertically and horizontally and the in-built effects are ideal for delivering stunning effects quickly. This is great when it comes to creative stage making - I just love the unusual effects and applications that these luminaires provide."


The Showline SL BAR 660 linear luminaire delivers an exceptional 13,000 lumens light output and endless creative possibilities. The luminaire is also capable of being used as a wash or as a direct-view linear bar, and this, alongside its independent module control of the pixels and simple batten connections, provides maximum flexibility and originality. The luminaire is also backed by the exceptional design standard of all Philips products, which gives Fonoon's event managers complete peace of mind.


"The colour output and control is incredible and they're very heavy-duty, robust lights. Flawless, in our opinion," continues Tayfour: "We're using the Showline luminaires almost daily and they haven't failed us once. In addition, the RGBW mixing of both these LEDs provides such an extensive range of colours - it's fantastic. It's also great how small and portable the SL WASH 180 is, while still being an impressively powerful, versatile and fast tool, with an excellent zoom option."

The Showline SL WASH 180 moving LED offers intense output in virtually any stage application, while providing designers with a multitude of colour choices. It also features an impressive beam angle from 12 - 45 degrees, plus high speed Pan/Tilt movement.
"The Philips luminaires are the best in the world," concludes Tayfour: "I just love the Showline LED luminaires - they're enable us to change the environment and atmosphere for the better at any event."