5 Star Has New Fix8tion

Show technology, control and integration specialist the FIX8 Group is absolutely delighted with its latest purchase of flight cases from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire based  manufacturer 5 Star Cases, and this brings their total now to over 60 x 5 Star built cases.

Specially modified shock mounted 19” rack systems have been customized to fit FIX8’s individually spec’d media server systems. The media server’s racks are uniform in width and depth, but vary in height from between 12 and 30 units.

In addition to the actual media server computers, the racks also house all the required peripherals needed for a complete media server video processing system, including PPUs, support racks and cameral channel control racks.

FIX8 also has more cases which are designed to house four 24 inch monitors, complete with DVI cables and stands – so the contents in the two different types of cases comprise their systems which are sent out to shows and events in a neat and durable package. All the complete systems are individually tailored to the project, installation or tour. 

5 Star’s popular Arena range of cost-effective road trunks fit the requirements very well with housing all this ancillary equipment.


“It’s extremely important to protect our investment whilst it’s out on the road working,” says FIX8’s MD Neil Trenell, “And so good quality cases are absolutely essential – it’s a no brainer on which we absolutely don’t compromise. The kit will always look great if properly cased as well as lasting a good deal longer”.

Trenell was familiar with 5 Star for many years – through different people and companies and his own extensive on-the-road experiences.


“I chose 5 Star when we needed a case supplier for FIX8 because - apart from hearing numerous excellent reports from everyone I asked – I was also familiar with the products myself, and knew first hand that they were up to the job and that the quality was assured”.

The FIX8 and 5 Star people also came into contact through their mutual love and support of BTTC racing driver Jack Goff – both companies are enthusiastic  sponsors of Jack and his team along with several other music, production and event industry brands.

Trenell adds that “The service from 5 Star has always been excellent – fast and reliable”.


5 Star now has the templates of regular FIX8 designs which make delivery even quicker, and modification or adaptations can be added at any time.

FIX8 has just bought another 12 cases to house their latest d3 and Green Hippo media servers which went immediately out on the road, with 12 of the Hippotizers supplied to a 360 degree projection job in Paris and also a separate show in Tenerife.

Keith Sykes, MD of 5 Star says, “We are very proud to be supplying leading technology specialists like FIX8. Their needs for protecting precision equipment are slightly different from standard off the shelf products, so for us that’s always interesting”.