288 Input Axon Multiviewer for Germany based TV Skyline's new Ü7

Inside TV Skylines new Ü7 – multiviewer installation

TV-Skyline, one of Germany’s major service provider has recently expanded its fleet with the all new U7 for which AXON supplied a 288  input SynView multiviewer.

TV-Skyline's new flagship U7 has 32 work places and 3 control rooms. It can handle more than 22 cameras and operates in 3G video, but is also prepared for 4K. The multiviewer is designed with a 288 input Axon SynView multiviewer with up to 72 outputs.

AXON’s SynView multi image viewer system is part of the powerful and versatile Synapse range and is built-up with quad split Synapse modules. Output resolutions up to 1920x1200 pixels on DVI and 3G/SDI are supported. Other features include integrated Tally and UMD functions with up to three regions per input, metadata and error reporting. The SynView system is designed to handle multiple individual audio metering, metadata overlays and multiple individual clocks in different styles.


The layout in TV-Skylines U7 allows to switch the layout with a single command into various scenarios to feed all the monitors with individual layouts. The quadsplit cards can be individually grouped together depending on the type of production.

''This is one of the the biggest multiviewer we have supplied since the introduction of SynView", comments Harry Kanters, AXON's VP of Marketing & Sales. "We are very proud that we have been chosen by TV-Skyline, it underlines the leading role we are playing in multiviewers".


“For our new U7 it was important to choose a multiviewer system that can handle all signals in the most flexible way”, comments Wolfgang Reeh, Managing Director of TV Skyline, “the central point for us was the fact that SynView has an extremely low latency and is therefore one of the fastest multiviewer in the market. This is key not only for sports events.”

One of the three control rooms within U7 is located in a second truck that also stores all the outside production equipment. This control room is fully connected to the main OB van and allows the customer to create an alternative version of the live content to be used in another target market. “We have looked at the market requirements and our internal production workflows and the new room concept with up to 32 workplaces is the result of this design study”, explains Reeh, “with this concept we can cover everything from premium sports events to high end music events.”