2014 World Cup Brazil Loan Package

World Cup tOG-Sports Pro rental package: Enhance your World Cup Coverage for minimal outlay

The World Cup is nearly upon us and if you are broadcasting the event you will no doubt be looking for innovative and cost effective ways to enhance your coverage.  RT Software’s 2014 World Cup Brazil loan package achieves just that.

Those that take up the offer will have access to industry leading telestration graphics using RT Software’s tOG-Sports Pro analysis system for replays, pre-match, half time, post-match and highlights for a minimal capital outlay.Using tOG-Sports Pro, graphics operators can produce compelling graphics sequences featuring state of the art tied to the pitch graphics such as off side lines, player trails, virtual views of the play and much more.  Live presenter control can be done using a connected touch screen, or wirelessly with a remote device such as a tablet adding value to your in studio programs.They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, here are clips of our systems in operation…

The package consists of the rental of a tOG-Sports Pro system, including broadcast specification hardware, fully licensed for use from taking up the offer until after the final match.  Also included as standard is access to RT Software’s extensive library of on-line training tools and tutorials, one day of free training at our London office, a generic interface to allow presenter control from tablets and remote support.  Options are also available to further customise the system to the user’s needs, and as we are confident that you will love using tOG-Sports Pro, there is an option to keep the system permanently at the end of the Rental Agreement.


    £5,000                  Refundable Deposit.
    £10,000                Rental price from now until 31st July 2014.

Included in the Price
    Choice of HP z420 (4RU) or SuperMicro (1RU) renderer including DVS Atomix Lite I/O and nVidia K4000 GPU
    tOG-Sports Pro software including video based tracking licenced until July 31st 2014
    Access to technical/operator documentation and library of on line training assets
    One day of operator training at RT Software’s London office
    Generic tablet interface for presenter remote control
    Full remote support from RT Software support team

    £4,000                  2 Channel Record to disk for live recording of matches (HP hardware, must be specified at order).
    £1,000                  2 days of on-site installation and training (exclusive of expenses)
    £650                     Customised tablet skins specifically branded to your channel
    POA                     Further customisation, such as integration to touch screen or AR

Contact [email protected] to take advantage of this offer.