1st Video - World’s first pro-quality video editor for iPhone

News Editing with the iPhone

Canadian-based VeriCorder Technology Inc. announced the availability of 1st Video for iPhone, an advanced video editor designed for professional broadcasters and podcasters.

VeriCorder was founded by Gary Symons, a professional journalist who worked in newspapers, radio and television for two decades, and specialized in mobile journalism while working with CBC News in Canada.

“I carried a truck full of equipment to do my job in those days, but what I really lacked was a quick and easy way to record, edit, and send my stories from the field,” says Symons. “That’s what compelled us to design 1st Video, and our other mobile journalism products.”

VeriCorder has already released VC Audio Pro to the app store; a multitrack sound editor for iPhone, that can be integrated into most newsroom systems. As well, VeriCorder released ShowCase for professional broadcasters and educators. It’s a multimedia editor that combines sound and still images. ShowCase provides a fast, easy way to provide multimedia content on the web for newspapers, radio stations, universities, and podcasters.

1st Video is the company’s premiere product. It includes a multitrack sound editor, a sophisticated video editor, and an innovative editing interface that makes editing with the iPhone faster and easier than editing with a computer. 1st Video can also be fully integrated into newsroom systems, and can post video automatically to VeriCorder’s new IPTV solution. 1st Video can import video from external cameras, and edit broadcast-ready stories at 720p resolution.

“It really is the first fully featured system for filing news reports from the field quickly and easily,” says Symons. “In fact, there are features in 1st Video that are still not available in large, expensive commercial systems, such as the ability to simultaneously file stories to the newsroom and the web.”