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VSN participates in the project to create Catalonia’s Audiovisual Ring

The signing event was chaired by Jordi Ausàs and Joan Manuel Tresserras, Governance & Public Administrations and Culture & Media

On 5th July, VSN's director and CEO, Jordi Utiel, took part in the signing of an agreement amongst the Government of Catalonia, companies of the audiovisual sector and telecommunications operators with the aim to start a trial run to boost Catalonia's Audiovisual Ring. As a result of the agreement, the signing parties will cooperate on the initial stage of this project by contributing resources and knowledge to develop the infrastructure, connectivity, services and applications that add value to the audiovisual field.

The goal of the Audiovisual Ring is to foster productivity and competition in the audiovisual sector thanks to telematic interconnection on a high-capacity network.

The project promotes the development of a new service platform based on a broadbandtelecommunications platform aimed at the audiovisual sector. The different agents of the sector will thus be able to interconnect through the new infrastructure, allowing them to make use of different services and state-of-the-art IT technologies. For example, the large bandwidth will allow for a faster transmission of voice, data and images, sharing computing applications, business management and audio/video processing and use of collaborative work tools, among others. The trial run will take a complete year and will serve to determine and try the most interesting services, the needs of the new platform and develop all necessary infrastructures.

VSN's Contribution

VSN will supply this project with their audiovisual content exchange solution vsnIPTransfer, which has already been implemented in more than 200 TV channels and companies of the sector to exchange audiovisual materials over IP networks. All these companies have already replaced the use of videotapes, couriers and satellite/radio links with this VSN software solution. The tool will also feature, for the first time, the brand new vsnIPTransfer Live technology, for the exploitation and exchange of live events with broadcast quality over low-capacity IP networks.

“Interconnection of high-capacity networks will add value to all business activity in the sector plus foster economical innovation”, explained Jordi Utiel. "VSN will carry on cooperating on initiative and R&D projects as they are proof of our interest in contributing to the progress of the audiovisual sector".

The signing event was chaired by Jordi Ausàs and Joan Manuel Tresserras, Governance & Public Administrations and Culture & Media counselors, respectively. The companies who signed the agreement were The Catalan Corporation of Audiovisual Media, the i2CAT foundation, Orange Catalunya, Tradia Telecom, Media Pro, XAL, Comunicàlia and ACN. The Director of Telecommunication Networks and Infrastructures, Mr. Josep R. Ferrer, and the Secretary of the Media, Mr. Carles Mundó, also participated in the agreement.


About VSN

Video Stream Networks is an IT company, located in Barcelona, which develops, sells and installs software solutions for the digitization and automation of TV stations, TV production companies and audiovisual content distribution companies. Created in 1990, with branch-offices in Dubai (UAE), Miami (USA), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Brazil, VSN has been adding value to more than 900 clients from 80 countries for over 15 years.VSN optimizes the entire workflow of a TV station by building a fully automated tapeless TV station with truly integrated applications. The company develops more than 50 modular and expandable solutions for a digital and profitable production infrastructure.