RRsat provides Occasional Use of SNG truck in Ashdod

RRsat HD SNG Mobile

RRsat has progressively developed a fleet of 11 SNG trucks. The trucks are based at various locations across Israel, enabling them to quickly reach any site in the country. Currently one HD SNG Mobile is located at Ashdod port.

Using this fleet of mobile satellite units, our clients can expect a rapid response time to breaking news around the Middle East, Africa and Europe, as well as high quality transmission services when covering sports and news events. All 11 mobile satellite units use state-of-the-art technology to deliver high quality, cost-effective service.

RRsat offers additional services such as video facilities, production, editing, etc.

RRsat provides SNG services either on an occasional basis, in response to the single requests from a customer or within the framework of comprehensive agreements, where a certain number of SNGs can be fully dedicated to the customer’s specific needs.

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