Inter-M and Audinate’s Dante Power Pope Francis’s Visit to Korea


An estimated crowd of 800,000 people gathered in the South Korean city of Daejeon to attend the Mass by Pope Francis during Asian Youth Day. The massive crowd of young adults gathered to witness the head of the Catholic Church beatify 124 Korean martyrs during the two-hour ceremony conducted in August. Inter-M, a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products headquartered in Korea, was chosen as the official supplier of the PA system.

The live event was broadcasted to the massive crowd of people in Gwanghwamun Square and lining the streets.   A backbone for the transmission of the PA system used 20 of Inter-M’s new DAC-288 transmitter/receivers. The DAC-288 incorporates Audinate’s market leading DanteÔ digital audio over IP networking solution. The 12 square kilometer venue in Gwanghwamun facing Seoul’s City Hall Square had two main speaker towers and 16 delay towers. Single mode fiber cables in a star configuration connected all 18 towers. Audio to the towers was transmitted using 20 pairs of Inter-M’s FTA/FRA- audio over fiber transmitters and receivers.

“Dante transported the audio from the FOH mixing console to all other audio devices, distributed over the large area outdoor venue at Gwanghwamun Square” said John Vellone, Director of Sales, Inter-M America. “Not only did this simplify the installation while reducing massive cabling costs, Dante also eliminated the noise problem over long cable runs with its tightly synchronized sample accurate digital media transmission.”


The main PA system featured Inter-M’s new TL Series 12 inch line array speakers, which were used in a live venue for the first time during this historic event. The new TL-22 dual 12-inch line array speakers are entirely manufactured in Inter-M’s Korea speaker factory. To power the 180 speaker cabinets throughout the 12KM venue, 120 pieces of V2-5000 power amplifiers were employed. Each V2-5000 delivers 5000 watts of power. 45 DPA-600D and 90 DPA-1200S were used. In all 762,000 watts of audio power were dispersed to the faithful crowd, making this a POPESTAR event!”


Inter-M supported the installation with 20 employees from their SR-team, speaker R&D team and engineering team to prepare, install, test, calibrate and operate the system at Gwanghwamun Square.

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