HDwireless at election TV-show for Bayerischer Rundfunk

HDwireless at election TV-show for Bayerischer Rundfunk

Wireless camera transmission in Munich for the state election

ARD and BR reported on October 14 from the Bavarian state parliament in Munich from the state election in 2018. During the broadcast from the election studio on site, there were also several wireless camera transmissions from the state parliament. The company HDwireless supported the “Bayerischer Rundfunk” in this extensive transmission as a service provider for wireless cameras and supplier of video and data transmission technology. HDwireless ensured stable radio coverage

throughout the area, both indoors and out. With a complex ASI network for signal transmission, the RF technicians interconnected all venues. For this purpose, fiber optic connections were used in combination with HDwireless RFiber for the wired transmission of high and intermediate frequency signals. This allowed both, ARD and BR directors to control and use the wireless cameras in all areas.

The HDwireless-Profile
HDwireless GmbH is developer, builder and supplier of wireless camera equipment for professional broadcasting. Accordingly, the product’s portfolio is consequently geared to the quality standards and exacting requirements of this demanding business. From video transmitting technologies via receiving units to applicable accessories and special solutions, we offer a complete system of high end components for signal transmission. In order to satisfy the requirements of the rental market HDwireless keeps on stock a sizeable Dry-Hire-Rental supply, and, moreover, 24/7 support. The team around Patrick Nussbaum fulfills individual and complex customer requirements. Having worked as a production engineer with more than 20 years experience he ranks