W-DMX™ Lights World’s Largest Christmas Tree in Brazil


Wireless Solution Sweden AB’s award-winning W-DMX™ made Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree a sparkling success in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. This is the 18th edition of the annual Tree, which according to the Guinness Book of World Records is the Largest Floating Christmas tree in the world, standing at an astounding 85 meters high with an 810 m2 base and weighing in at a massive 542 tons.

The scenography and lighting design is by Abel Gomes from P&G Cenografia, and charms all the visitors of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and also those who follow the Tree on the Internet and social media.

The entire show was programmed using W-DMX. The Bradesco team needed to program from a long enough distance to get the right visibility. They team used 2 W-DMX F-1 units as transmitters and 2 W-DMX F-1 units as receivers, plus an antenna of 9 Db. They installed a grandMA console 800 meters away and were able to get the best audience point of view for programming. Once programmed, all the control equipment was located in the tree base.


Abel Gomes has been responsible for the Christmas tree decoration since the first edition in 1996. This year presented various cycles of light and colour from 120 km of illuminated rope light with 3.1 million micro lamps, 100 LED spot lights and 2150 strobe effects.

The 85-metre-tall mega structure was installed beginning in September on the banks of the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. Around 1,200 people were involved in the process of installing, building, lighting and dismantling the structure. Lighting the Tree was then held every night during the Christmas season, with its final lighting planned for Epiphany on January 5.


The lighting rig was supplied by Companhia da Luz. Lighting Bits, the Wireless Solution distributor for Brazil based in Sao Paulo, supplied all W-DMX equipment. Daniel Ridano of Lighting Bits said, “W-DMX made the programming possible. With the logistics of the water and distances involved, I don’t know how this Tree could be lit any other way. It’s a fantastically reliable solution. It worked perfect and we were able to achieve our common goal: for each and every spectator to remember all the emotions and memories that highlighted the previous editions.” Judging by the record crowds that turned out, the Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree achieved that goal and was an enormous success.


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