W-DMX™ in Control at the Oslo Opera


Wireless Solution Sweden AB is getting high praise on a regular basis from the world renowned Den Norske Opera and Ballett, also known as the Oslo Opera House, located in Norway’s capital city. The venue is home to the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet and is considered one of the landmark modern buildings in Oslo. The technical crew currently has a total of 24 W-DMX BlackBox FLEX-1 G4 Transceiver units that they use on a regular basis for a rigorous schedule. The hall rotates operas, ballets, concerts and other special performances and W-DMX is used to solve a myriad of challenges.

Lighting Technician Audun Bull-Hanssen explains, “W-DMX G4 has worked great so far and with no problems. We have 24 W-DMX F-1 G4 units and we use the system on almost every show since they’re so flexible. The performances are all very different and change constantly so it is very practical to use W-DMX. We’re currently using the F-1 units on the ballet Mesteraften to control DMX HMI shutters. On Giselle we used one F-1 as a transmitter and 6 as receivers for 2500W HMI and the same units for La Boheme for a 5000W and 2500W HMI DMX dowser and scroller, plus it was used for the star wall. For the recent performance of Den Fjerde Nattevakt we used the F-1 units to control Phillips Vari-lite VL1000 tungsten fixtures on custom drop arms above the stage set and they were also used to control smoke machine and lights on top of the revolving stage.”

He continues, “The F-1 G4 units were also used on the ballet Nacho Duato Multiplicity controlling Martin TW-1 and MAC 2000 fixtures and for the powerful performance of Aida we used two F-1 units on battery to control battery driven LED on a large moving wall. These are just a few examples but you can see how many options the system gives us. Cable free fun!”


He adds, “We did have one transmitter and four receivers from another brand and the original idea was to use them on the revolving stage a while back. It worked OK since the system was compatible with W-DMX. We don’t use them anymore on the revolving stage, we use now Wireless Solution FLEX-1 G4 in that location. We simply moved the transmitter to a better location and put on some 2.4 GHz antennas. We use 21 of our 24 F-1 units on the main stage today.”

Norwegian National Opera and Ballet: Aida - Nattevakt


The W-DMX BlackBox FLEX-1 G4 Transceiver is perfect as a single universe, highly flexible solution for W-DMX support in indoor settings. The unit supports both transmitting and receiving modes of both DMX and RDM signals, giving access to more channels and hence greater reliability. It’s also compatible with all W-DMX OEM products, which include over 40 of the industry’s most popular manufacturers.

“The Oslo Opera House is undoubtedly one of Scandinavia’s most prestigious venues,” says Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution, “Audun has been very creative in their use of the F-1 units they have there and he constantly reports back to us on how happy they are with the performance of W-DMX. We look forward to hearing more about the many successful shows using this technology and how it helps them elevate their achievements.”


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