SMPTE’s Stand Against Injustice

SMPTE’s Stand Against Injustice

The recent horrendous events sparked a reexamination of what SMPTE stands for and what actions we will take to make a positive impact

SMPTE stands for inclusion as one of our guiding principles. We believe that racial bias and intolerance are unethical and weaken our social fabric. We firmly believe that diversity strengthens the media and entertainment world and society as a whole. We support the need for a diverse and free press and celebrate their efforts for independently reporting what is happening across the globe despite challenges in doing so. As an organization, we stand with those who promote inclusivity and seek to enable all of us to make valued contributions. We are a global organization with thousands of members, and we take a firm stance against injustice and intolerance around the world. 

SMPTE acknowledges that it can and will do more to encourage greater inclusivity.  We will work to develop actionable programs that can make a difference, and we need your participation. We pledge to report to you our plans and progress at the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference in November 2020. Send your ideas to


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