Rock Lititz

On May 1st and 2nd the cluster of live entertainment companies proudly rooted in Lititz PA partnered with the non-profit KEEP THE BEAT ALIVE in order to certify over 60 staff members in CPR, AED device and active shooter training.

“Rock Lititz is on the leading edge of reducing cardiac deaths in touring professionals.  Rock Lititz gets it!” Said Dr. Damian Brezinski, President of KEEP THE BEAT ALIVE.

The training was held on site at Rock Lititz Studio where some of the world’s largest tours come to prep before hitting the road. With companies such as ATOMIC, Beame, Clair Global, PEDG and Rock-It Cargo all based in Lititz, it was the perfect match for KEEP THE BEAT ALIVE.


“Our ultimate goal at Rock Lititz is for every tour to hit the road with a crew that is fully prepared for their tour, which includes being certified in CPR and AED devices.  In fact, KEEP THE BEAT ALIVE is standing by to equip every production that departs Rock Lititz with an AED device. Our partnership with KEEP THE BEAT ALIVE will help ensure that all touring professionals are prepared for these types of emergencies.” Sarah Zeitler, Studio Manager at Rock Lititz.

“With suicide, accidental overdose and accidents combined you still don't reach the number of cardiac ‘events’ within touring professionals.  Our industry needs this training to ensure that EVERYONE comes home.” Chris Musgrave, Co-Founder of KEEP THE BEAT ALIVE.