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Riedel carries the Olympic Torch

Thomas Riedel with the Olympic Torch

 Thomas Riedel, founder and Managing Director of Riedel Communications, carried the Olympic Torch during the ceremonial Olympic Torch Relay at this year's Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.
 "This was probably the most emotional moment I've ever had in event productions," said Riedel shortly after the run.

Riedel was officially honored with the "Friends of the Games" title

Riedel Communications is renowned for providing communications solutions to the Olympic Games since 1994. For the Vancouver Games, Riedel was officially honored with the "Friends of the Games" title.

 As the largest supplier of communications solutions, Riedel provides more than 70 Artist digital matrix intercom systems and 10,000 digital radios with over 500 control panels and beltpacks. Riedel also facilitates several wireless video links. More than 40 Riedel system specialists and engineers provide service and support directly on-site.