Reach for the Stars: as Convention Keynote Speaker

Curiosity Rover Played First Song Transmitted From Another Planet

For the first time in history, a recorded song has been beamed back to Earth from another planet. Students, special guests and news media gathered at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. on 28 August to hear "Reach for the Stars" by musician after it was transmitted from the surface of Mars by the Curiosity rover.

Musician and entrepreneur shared his thoughts about "Reach for the Stars" becoming the first interplanetary song and an anthem for NASA education. The entertainer is a well-known advocate of science and technology education. He said, "Today is about inspiring young people to lead a life without limits placed on their potential and to pursue collaboration between humanity and technology through STEAM education. I know my purpose is to inspire young people, because they will keep inspiring me back."

After completing a journey of more than 700 million miles from Earth to Mars and back, the opening orchestral strains of "Reach for the Stars" filled the auditorium. The event added to continuing worldwide interest in Curiosity's mission.

Co-hosted by Intel Corporation’s Johan Jervøe, will.i.a.m will also lead the IBC2012 Convention keynote on Friday 7 September at 14:00h in Amsterdam.


Titled ’Creativity and Technology Forces Combine - Transcend the Barriers of Convention and Rethink What Can Be Achieved’, this thought-provoking session will examine the role of technology in the creative process. Illustrated with personal stories and illustrations from their careers, it will show how the application of new technology can be a catalyst for new thinking and positive change and be key to surmounting barriers.

"We want people to rethink what they believe is possible," says seven-time Grammy Award winner, "I'm always thinking about tomorrow. What are the new beats? What is the new music? What will people like? What will we be capable of doing? Technology allows us to amplify our ideas, amplify our creativity, and find new ways of solving our problems and genuinely start living in those future tomorrows, and that's what I want to share at IBC."

Engaging his fans via social media while on tour, or starring in top-rated television programs, is an adept user of social media tools.  In today’s multi-screen viewing environment, broadcasters need to embrace current and evolving communications and community building tools to build, connect with and retain audiences.

As a musician, producer, director and advocate for STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education, is an enthusiastic user of technologies in both his professional and personal lives. In recognition of his ability to harness technology to enhance entertainment, creativity and communication, Intel Corporation appointed will as Director of Creative Innovation in January, 2011. In this unique role, he collaborates with Intel scientists, programmers and marketing team members on a company-wide basis to innovate and promote inspiring content, technology and hardware strategies.


Co-host Johan Jervøe is vice president of the Sales and Marketing Group and director of Partner Marketing for Intel Corporation. The Partner Marketing team at Intel is responsible for innovative co-marketing relationships and programs such as the links with will and other people and organisations (such as The Creators Project partnership with Vice Magazine). Partner Marketing also engages with a series of major brands and media partners like Facebook, Google, and DreamWorks Animation. Jervøe is also co-author of the Manual of International Marketing.

"We’re enormously pleased that and Johan Jervøe will be speaking at the IBC Conference," says Michael Lumley, IBC’s Conference Chair. "It’s a true testament to the strength and breadth of the Conference that it can attract speakers of their international calibre, and we are fascinated to see how their thoughts on technology and creativity will contribute to the global debate about fostering innovation.”


This keynote promises to provoke and challenge while offering a unique and fascinating insight into the creative process that inspires one of today’s best known and most successful artists.

During the NASA event at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. on 28 August's angel Foundation and Discovery Education announced a $10 million classroom education initiative that will reach 25 million students annually, including many from underserved communities. Focused on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) educational themes, the Discovery Education initiative will incorporate NASA content and space exploration themes as part of the curriculum.