PixelRange sets Huddersfield Festival Ablaze with Light

Hudderfield’s Festival of Light was taken to a new level with the help of PixelLine 1044 LED batons and a Green Hippo Hippotizer

The annual winter event put on by Kirklees Council was this year expanded to fill the weekend across 2nd – 5th December. As well as the usual street theatre spectacular which traditionally packs out the town’s St George’s Square, the council prepared other events, all project managed by TG Events’ Tim Garbutt.

The major new addition to this year’s festival was the illumination of The Media Centre. James Bawn – normally of A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd, – designed a temporary lighting installation for the exterior of the prominent building. James has worked with TG Events on many architectural designs in the past.

84 PixelLine 1044 batons were each situated on the building gantries within the inside of The Media Centre to upwash each framed window area. The fixtures focused towards the inside of the building, where the inner aluminium walls reflected the light. This idea was not only to hide the source but create a softer, more diffused finished image.

PixelLine 1044 features the high intensity LEDs PixelRange are renowned for. A lighting designer's favourite for the stunning effects it creates and the exceptional colour clarity from the vast LED colour palette, the RGB linear batten is ideal for a multitude of applications. As with all PixelRange LED fixtures, the unit offers outstanding longevity and a very low power consumption.

The various looks created across the building’s facade were run via a Green Hippo Hippotizer HD media server. Luminex Gigaswitches and Luminex Ethernet to DMX boxes were also used to convert the Artnet signal to DMX. A total of 4536 DMX channels were used.


Green Hippo’s Hippotizer media servers have long been the first choice for real-time video on live events. Since their introduction in 2004, the award winning range of devices have earned respect for their part in many of theatre, television and rock n roll’s most prestigious events. Their ability to configure and drive multiple devices from rich full HD displays to complex DMX pixelmapped designs, along with their flexibility and reliability has earned them acclaim and respect worldwide.

James Bawn confirms, “I knew exactly what I wanted to use for the installation to make the best impact available. The PixelRange PixelLines and the Hippotizer HD proved me right – and the PixelLines just suited the job perfectly. The depth of colour from PixelRange fixtures is second to none.”

James also designed the lighting installation for the Byram Shopping Arcade which was transformed into a Ballroom for the festival, using a further six PixelLines 1044 battens amongst various Robe fixtures.