People Talk about Dior & I with NewTek TalkShow

Live Interview of Frederic Tcheng, director of Dior & I, broadcasted with NewTek TalkShow

NewTek TalkShow will make people talk on June 23rd, as the Skype video calling production system will be the center piece of a unique event. The exclusive documentary Dior & I, will be projected in two different locations at the same time, and followed by an interview of the director and some of the crew members.

Two NewTek TalkShow systems will be used to make the magic happen. After the projection of the documentary, the director and some of the protagonists will answer questions from the audience in Paris and in Brussels. TalkShow is a turnkey solution, designed to initiate, receive, monitor and manage Skype video calls, with a unique set of live production tools delivered by NewTek. Incorporate any connected Skype user as guest speakers into live programs with full-frame Skype video calls, to be displayed on big screens. More powerful than a classic streaming connection, TalkShow allows live Q&A and interviews in real time without latency.

Both venues will be connected via Skype, and be able to see and hear each other, with high quality image and enhanced audio, thanks to TalkShow.

3D Storm and Visualdis, NewTek distributor in France, partner with Dissidenz and La Septième Salle, to setup this exclusive event and to offer a unique and interactive cine-visual experience to both audiences in Paris and Brussels.


About Dissidenz Films
After Blaq Out, Bich-Quân Tran created Dissidenz Films, a company dedicated to arthouse distribution (all rights) and production. It mainly looks into distributing and developing committed works by directors with a unique artistic vision.

About La Septième Salle
La Septième Salle is a cinematographic event communication company specialized in developing distribution through the internet and social media. La Septième Salle provides innovative in interactive solutions to content broadcasters (live broadcast, webcast…), while optimizing digital equipment in movie theatres and reaching a larger audience.