Over 250 Robe Fixtures for 2015 Vendimia Festival


Robe moving lights were chosen to light the enormous stage and spectacular set that was the ‘central event’ for the 2015 Vendimia grape harvest festival at the Frank Romero Day Greek Theatre in Mendoza, the heart – and soul - of Argentina’s wine producing region.


The Robes – delivered to the event by Tecnica Vidal with the assistance of OVA Iluminacion and Prisma Luces - included 12 x BMFL Spots, 66 x MMX Spots, 12 x ColorBeam 2500E ATs, 14 x MMX WashBeam, 66 x Pointes, 56 x LEDWash 600s, 24 x LEDWash 1200s, 40 x CityFlex 48s, 60 x LEDForce 18 LED PARs … and four CitySkape Xtremes.


These, together with some 526 conventional lights and 6 follow spots were deployed all over the massive stage –designed by Alejandro Rodriguez- comprising nine different areas, including one water stage.

Trussing superstructure was hung on a huge crane – with a 65 metre reach arm, and all lights on the rig were controlled via Lumen Radio wireless DMX data links – an option that comes as ‘standard’ on many of Robe’s latest ROBIN series fixtures.

The BMFL Spots were positioned along the front line of the central stages. The position was chosen so the units could be utilized for powerful back lighting for the stage where all the international artists performed, and project onto the walls behind, an effect that was very impressive.

The stage set reflected the local landscape and was inspired by the concept that the environment is in a constant state of flux and change, especially throughout the grape growing cycle.


The challenges for the lighting scheme included sometimes having to illuminate up to 1000 performers at any one time – including, musicians dancers, singers, chorus members, etc. –for some elements of the daily and nightly entertainment across the 4 action-packed days of celebrations, which were attended by more than 100,000 revellers.

In addition to the central show, each night was dedicated to a specific musical genre and rhythm – romantic melodic was played by Axel, national rock ‘n’ roll from Ciro & Los Persas, bachata by Romeo Santos and La Mosca tse tse pumped up the volume with ska.


To highlight all the different styles, the lighting needed to have enough scope for each headlining artist had to have their own unique, fabulous and different looking show.

All the main artists brought their own lighting designers, and it proved the first time that any of them had used Robe’s BMFL Spot in a live context!

This is what they had to say :

Fernando Benetti, LD for Argentinian singer-songwriter and superstar Axel (AKA Axel Fernando), commented, “I loved the BMFL Spot – the quality of the light is fantastic and the zoom is an excellent feature”.

He was very happy to be working with such a large rig of Robe fixtures. He knows that when there are a load of Robes on the rig, particularly in a festival scenario with multi-headliners, he will be able to create a great show!


“Robe is always on my rider, and it’s one of my favourite brands,” he declares, adding that he likes the Pointe very much and continues to be amazed by its sheer functionality for such a compact fixture.

Fernando has been using Robe products regularly in his work for the last 10 years.


Quilici Diego, LD for maverick Argentinian ska band La Mosca Tse Tse (AKA La Mosca) has worked with this popular artist for the last 15 years, and says, “I was really happy with the set up at Vendimia this year, and pleasantly surprised with the power of the lights and how easily I could integrate them into our show”.

He commented that the accuracy, light quality and CRI of the BMFL Spots and the LEDWash 600s and 1200s is very good and highly efficient, something of which he is always aware as the shows he works on are frequently televised.

Production lighting for the main stage was co-ordinated by Bruno Giudice and programmed by Alejandro Zeballos.