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DR Byen Concert Hall - A 3-Years Project successfully completed

DR Byen Concert Hall

The official gala at the opening of the new concert hall of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation in Copenhagen on 17 January 2009 marked the successful completion of a complex major project for German cable producer KLOTZ a.i.s. The Danish Broadcasting Corporation's prestigious new venue was designed by top French architect Jean Nouvel, winner of the Pritzker Prize ("the Nobel Prize of architecture"). It contains four concert halls offering state-of-the-art acoustics to supreme world-class standards.

300 kilometres of KLOTZ cables

The acoustics were designed by none other than Japanese acoustics specialists Nagata Acoustics, Inc.. KLOTZ a.i.s.' Danish partner, systems integrator AVIT Systems A/S, planned and installed the entire audio-visual infrastructure of the DR Byen complex, using KLOTZ cables exclusively throughout. A total of 300 kilometres of KLOTZ cables were laid and installed during the concert hall's main two-year installation period from 2006-2008.

Klotz Cables VM5 series


The following cable types were used:
- Digital single-pair audio cable: > 130 kilometres (OTW204 and OTW204H, OT234H)
- Digital multicore audio cable: 60 kilometres (OX22CH04, ..08, ..12, OXCF08 and OXCF12, DigiWire DW02)
- Digital SDI / HDTV video cable: > 70 kilometres (V06/28H, V08/37H, V10/48H and VM5x75H)
- SMPTE – fibre optic camera cable: 12 kilometres (CAM311P)- Analogue microphone cable: 10 kilometres (MY206..)
- Coax audio cable: 5 kilometres (IY106..) plus various pre-made microphone cables, patch cables etc..

Klotz Cables V06 Series


During the entire project, KLOTZ a.i.s. was fully integrated in the project and remained in close consultation with AVIT throughout the individual phases, providing just-on-time delivery to ensure timely and continuous production of all cable types. KLOTZ a.i.s. is proud to have worked with its Danish partner AVIT Systems on completing such a magnificent and prestigious project. Peter Klotz, member of the board, comments, "We have already successfully executed an array of international projects with our partner companies. Each project delivers a new challenge which we solve as a team with a high level of professionalism and even higher product quality. We are only truly satisfied when the results are convincing – and this was the case in Copenhagen.“

"DR Byen Koncerthuset“ comprises a total of four concert halls

The main hall, which seats 1.800 people, is designed in tiers, with 15 balconies surrounding a central stage to ensure the audience is close to "where the action is". Together with the sophisticated architecture of the hall, this proximity to the artists on stage guarantees optimum acoustic conditions.

Studio 2 – a smaller concert hall seating approximately 500, decorated in dark colours with beechwood panels depicting Danish composers and conductors.

Studio 3 – The smallest auditorium, seating almost 200 persons, features an interior in black and white like the keys of a piano. The proximity of audience and artists creates an atmosphere of extreme intimacy.

Studio 4 – Also seating 200, this hall has an all-red decor and a special acoustic design aimed at creating a unique atmosphere for chamber music, choral concerts and similar events.


Studio 1 at DR Byen Concert Hall