DPA 4006A Mics Bring High Level of Sound Recording to de Doelen Concert Hall

Broadcast Facilities engineer Rob Heerschop with a DPA 4006A

Broadcast Facilities Netherland has purchased two sets of factory-matched DPA 4006A omnidirectional microphones from Benelux distributor Amptec. The mics have been purchased for recordings in the 2,200-capacity Grand Hall of de Doelen in Rotterdam, mainly for broadcast sessions of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.

Broadcast Facilities Netherland’s recording engineer Rob Heerschop first used the new mics for Mahler’s Fifth Symphony, and was surprised by the clear and transparent sound they brought to this complex orchestral work.

“Broadcast Facilities Nederland and de Doelen own a permanent studio in the main hall, and we needed a small AB and a wide AB for basic recordings,” explains Heerschop. “The reason we chose these mics is because they are simply the best for the AB recording technique when it comes to natural sound, transparency and dynamics. We are using the shortest possible path to the Millenia preamp above the ceiling to create the best sound without any loss. For complex productions, we use a lot more extra mics such as the DPA 4015, 4011, 4003, 4028 and a pair of 4041s.”


Adds Martin Goosen, Amptec sales manager for DPA in the Netherlands, “I am proud to have sold DPA Reference Standard microphones to these very exacting clients, who often have to work under extreme pressure and very complicated circumstances. It is very rewarding that they are so satisfied with the results.”

BFN’s music department is involved in many live radio and TV broadcasts and CD productions on location or in its concert halls and studios in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hilversum.