Christmas Concert at Vatican Recorded on Pyramix

Concerto Di Natale XIX Edizione

VDM records completed recording one of the Vatican’s most memorable and notable concerts of 2011 on December 21st using a Pyramix MassCore workstation as the primary recorder. Using 2 x MADI coaxial PCIe Mykerinos cards, Igor Fiorini, the lead engineer, was able to record 96 inputs over the hours of performance at the Concerto Di Natale XIX Edizione (Christmas Concert 19th Edition).

Once the recordings had been finished, Igor then has used the same Pyramix system to edit and mix the entire show for an upcoming DVD and CD release. Using Pyramix’s integrated mix engine and CD mastering tools, allowed the whole project to stay inside the Pyramix application from beginning to end. The final result is exemplary audio quality to match the class of the performers.

When asked why he chose Pyramix to record this important event, Igor Fiorini stated: “Because it has the best sound and because we needed at least 96 channels of MADI. I would only ever trust Pyramix because it is absolutely reliable and easily records lots of channels. How else would I record such a unique event?”


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