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Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra’s vibe spread at Ljubljana’s Arena Stozice by Electro-Voice System

The Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra’s final rehearsal at the Arena Stozice in Ljubljana

Also known as the 100 Gypsy Violins, the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra from Hungary recently delivered an astonishing performance in Slovenian capitol of Ljubljana. The Arena Stozice was filled to the last seat and musically caressed by songs from Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Mozart, amongst other all-time-classics. One of the highlights was the famous Radecky March, during which the conductor invited the audience to perform with the symphonics. The count of performers on stage was astonishing - almost 60 violins and ten double basses, violas, cellos, clarinets and, of course, cybaloms - a traditional Hungarian instrument.

Outstanding performance made possible through recently installed Electro-Voice sound system in Arena Stozice

The remarkable concert was made possible through the recent renovation of the sound system within the Arena Stozice. The largest of its kind in Slovenia, the multi-purpose indoor arena is usually used for basketball, handball and volleyball games. The Arena Stozice is also designed to host cultural events alongside these sporting events. The state of the art PA system in the Arena Stozice ­– a space not known for being the Holy Grail of acoustics – was implemented by Slovenia’s largest Electro-Voice rental company, Akustika Primozic of Ljubljana. ”While planning this venue, we knew that the arena reverberates a lot and we could not overshoot a predefined SPL,“ explains Jan Primozic, Manager of Akustika Primozic. “The trick was to put in enough PA and fly it at the proper height, which is not always possible.” Akustika Primozic used Electro-Voice’s XLC DVX and Xsub line array elements for F.O.H. and XLE very-compact line array elements as side hangs. The front rows were addressed by ZxA1s. Jan Primozic: “The rest is just enough headroom from the amps, exclusively P3000s, CP2200s and CP3000Ss. Processing was done via two Dx38s, which sound great and are easy to operate. ”The audience was clearly also satisfied with the sound. “I did not know, that the venue sounded so good!” and “I have been to almost all events in Stozice, but this sound just hits the roof!” were only some reactions.


Support for the installation was provided by Electro-Voice distributor Prostt d.o.o., who sent Bozo Namestnik and David “Sonny” Jarc to assist in tuning the PA. “The guys did a great job. We’re very satisfied with the high-end sound of Electro-Voice products, their road toughness, but mostly their versatility. One day we do classical music, the next one a metal or rock festival, then comes some dub, reggae and techno. It really doesn’t matter what you play through it, the system always sounds so well defined,” ended Primozic, with a smile broadening his face. “The guys from Akustika Primozic know their craft very well. It’s our job to go to the trenches with them, side by side, providing support till the end. If they are happy, we are happy,” stated David “Sonny” Jarc, Prostt’s tech supporter.

Akustika Primozic


Installation includes Electro-Voice XLC DVX, Xsub, XLE, ZxA1, P3000 and P2200, CP3000S and Dx38

32 x Electro-Voice XLC DVX
12 x Electro-Voice XLE
16 x Electro-Voice Xsub
4 x Electro-Voice ZXA1
4 x Electro-Voice SxA360
2 x Electro-Voice SxA760
2 x Electro-Voice Rx115
7 x Electro-Voice Dx388 x Electro-Voice P3000
16 x Electro-Voice CP2200
6 x Electro-Voice CP3000S