What we do (everything in 3D)

Offices in London and Melbourne

Formed in 2001, Inition is a cutting-edge centre of 3D expertise and technology and an outstanding knowledge and product portfolio of all things 3D. The services are streamed into three main areas: 3D Productions - Product Centre - ThingLab

The team at Inition is drawing on the best creative and technical skills available. With a proven industry track record Inition is constantly redefining what is possible with today's computers and expanding the state of the art. If you think the 3D technology you are looking for is still science fiction then let Inition know and they let you know as soon as it becomes a reality - or add yourself to Inition's mailing list to find out when new 3D technology becomes available.

3D film and interactive content production and technology
3D Film Production – CGi and Live Action stereoscopic content for 3D displays
Interactive Content – Cutting-edge interactives; the latest in bespoke immersive and experiential 3D technology
3D Displays – The most advanced 3D displays from 3D TVs to large screen 3D digital projection
MagicSymbol – 3D in your hand; interactive technology with a huge wow factor


Unrivalled range of 3D and VR products
Demo Studios in central London, UK and Melbourne, Australia
Stereoscopic 3D displays    Head-mounted displays
3D input devices
Motion capture & tracking
VR gloves
Force-feedback / Haptics
Software tools
3D graphics cards

ThingLab – Experts in 3D printing and 3D scanning... Full solutions and services
3D printing – real physical models from 3D CAD data   
3D scanning – 3D CAD data from real-world models   
Hardware sales, consultancy and bureau work


Inition's strength lies in the great team of people who work there. The staff have a diverse range of skills both technical and creative, from stereoscopic film production to 3D application development, motion-capture to 3D scanning and printing. The result is a team that can offer a very broad range of skills and knowledge allowing Inition to provide a highly creative and novel approach to 3D.