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Volfoni® Impresses Exhibitors at 2011 Cannes Film Festival

Volfoni produces ergonomic, lightweight, quality glasses that are perfectly suited for all audiences

During the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, Volfoni® was pleased to supply their EDGE 1.0 active 3D glasses for use in distributors’ screenings. “By choosing Volfoni’s technology, Cannes’ cinemas received superior quality and service in addition to an affordable price. We heard extremely positive feedback from professionals who attended screenings using our EDGE 1.0 active 3D glasses,” said Thierry Henkinet, president of Volfoni.

Many screening rooms presented 3D films as part of the Cannes Film Festival film market. Theaters such as The Star, The Arcades, and The Olympia screened 3D content, and all were equipped with Volfoni’s EDGE 1.0 glasses. “The professionals who attended these sessions were impressed by the quality and comfort of Volfoni glasses,” says Patrick Fabre, technical director of Cine Movida group.

Volfoni produces ergonomic, lightweight, quality glasses that are perfectly suited for all audiences. EDGE glasses are among the most lightweight on the market EDGE 1.0 weighs just 2 oz., and comes with adaptable arms in 3 different sizes. In less than a year, EDGE 1.0 glasses have become the gold standard choice for active 3D glasses used in public theaters, reinforcing their market leadership in France and abroad.


Volfoni is currently developing new systems for showing 3D content in theaters. With their global expertise, Volfoni is a creative innovator and leading distributor of next-generation 3D glasses and systems.

Find Volfoni during Dimension3 in Paris, May 24-26, Docks de Paris, 50 Avenue du President Wilson, 93210 La Plaine Saint Denis.


Founded in March 2007, Volfoni is the leading 3D solutions rental and sales business in France. For more than 3 years, Volfoni is proud to serve 70% of exhibitors who make the choice to equip their theaters with 3D active glasses of unprecedented quality. With offices in Paris, Munich, Valencia, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, as well as a network of local representatives in several other countries, Volfoni has high-flexibility in terms of logistics, and provides the best 3D experience available on the market. Volfoni is now manufacturing several lines of products, including EDGE and ActivEyes®.