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Tektronix HighlightsTesting for 3D

WFM8300 - WVR8300 - VQS1000

Products on display addressed today’s real-world delivery and quality challenges such as 3G-SDI, QoE, Audio Loudness, Colour Gamut, 3D and More…
For customers interested in testing for 3D, Tektronix was running 3D technology demonstrations throughout the show.

“At Tektronix we are committed to providing our customers with the tools they really need to solve today’s real-world challenges”, said Eben Jenkins, general manager of the Video Product Line at Tektronix. “The products on display at our stand this year include new tools for addressing emerging issues such as Audio Loudness monitoring, extensive Quality of Experience testing and new technologies for ensuring high quality 3D footage creation.”

IBC Technology Demonstration – Testing for 3D

The demonstrations showed how Tektronix equipment can be used to ensure synchronisation of left- and right-eye video signals:

• The first demonstration will highlight 3D test signals generated as left-eye and right-eye images from the TG700 Multiformat Video Generator along with the new SyncVu display on the WFM8000 and WVR8000 Series, which provides synchronised views of the left two tiles and right two tiles of the four tile display. This allows the user to quickly configure the measurement displays to show the left-eye and right-eye views of the signals in the simultaneous mode. Alternatively the user can combine the two HD-SDI signals using the Dual Link capabilities of the instrument to measure disparity of the left- and right-eye in the waveform and picture displays.

• The second demonstration will showcase a 3D extension to the VQS1000 Video Quality Software application for measuring single-ended, objective video quality measurements. This includes a 3D version of the picture display showing superimposed left and right eye edges and a Perceived Depth Distribution histogram that indicates the depth information for the video stream.


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