Stereolabs Reveals Fully Automated 3D Production System

The PURE stereo image processor now integrates new AutoCon technology that enable automatic control of 3D rigs during shooting, creating an improved 3D experience and dramatically reducing operation costs

Stereolabs, a leading provider of Stereo3D solutions for the broadcast and movie industry, will introduce at NAB 2013 (booth OE957) the AutoCon technology to drive rigs automatically during shooting and offer an improved 3D experience while dramatically reducing operation costs.


AutoCon, a revolutionary depth control technology is now integrated in PURE™ stereo image processor. AutoCon introduces automatic rig interaxial and convergence adjustment based on scene depth. Designed for broadcast and film production, the technology computes in real-time a dense depth map of the scene and adjusts automatically the rig interaxial and convergence to improve the 3D experience while preserving visual comfort.

“We have been working on this technology for the past three years.” said Edwin Azzam, CTO, Stereolabs. “AutoCon has reached an exceptional level of performance and reliability. It perfectly replicates the behavior of a convergence puller, maintaining visual comfort, reacting quickly to rapid changes and constantly optimizing the 3D experience within the depth budget set for the production.” This major advance in automation enables significant cost-savings by eliminating the need for additional 3D operators.


At NAB, a fully automated PURE system with the latest AutoCon and Auto-Alignment technologies will be showcased with a Lightweight rig from Stereotec on Stereolabs booth #OE957.