Stereolabs Introduces the First 3D Multi-Camera Control System

PURE Commander monitors geometry, color and depth status of up to eight 3D cameras in real-time

STEREOLABS, a leading provider of advanced Stereo3D solutions for the broadcast and movie industry, announced the release of PURE Commander, the first 3D multi-camera management system in the industry.

PURE Commander is a centralized master control system that provides the ability to monitor and control up to eight 3D camera positions from one single location. PURE Commander gathers geometric, color and depth data from a network of stereo image processors and offers all the information required to enable fast decision-making and improve the quality of live 3D broadcasts.

“Multi-camera live production is still a technical and economic challenge” said Edwin Azzam, CEO of STEREOLABS. “Production companies have been asking for new technologies that would help them reduce the complexity associated with multi-camera 3D shooting. With PURE, we have provided automated solutions to align rigs and correct geometry, color and depth issues for every 3D system in the field. With PURE Commander, we introduce the first system in the industry that improves the overall quality of 3D productions”.


PURE Commander monitors geometry, color and depth status of all 3D cameras in real-time. The stereographer is warned immediately if one system generates uncomfortable 3D images. Depth transitions can be handled smoothly, as the depth structure shot by up to 8 cameras is displayed at the same time on a single monitor. HIT, interaxial and convergence values for each camera pair are also transmitted, so the stereographer can make sure depth balance across cameras is achieved when a cut is called.

“Not only PURE Commander is the first multichannel 3D quality control system, it is also the only system to enable smooth depth transitions between different camera angles” Edwin Azzam adds. “By adding PURE Commander to their workflow, production companies can streamline their operations and expect large improvements in depth management during live events”.

Housed in a compact 1RU rackmount, the system’s embedded design ensures sustained performance and reliability during operations. System control is provided directly on the front panel or remotely through a web interface.

PURE Commander will be officially released in January 2012. Demo systems will be available to customers worldwide.


STEREOLABS is a leading provider of Stereo3D solutions for broadcast and digital cinema. STEREOLABS provides 3D production systems that ensure the highest image quality, reduce production time and deliver cost-effective Stereo3D workflow. Its flagship product line, PURE, is available globally from a network of qualified resellers and distribution partners. STEREOLABS is privately owned and based in Paris, France.