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Sony Acclerates Delivery of 3D Entertainment to the Home in 2010

3D Entertainment by Sony

Sony today announced plans to accelerate initiatives to deliver an array of 3D entertainment for the home in 2010, leveraging all its diverse business assets to create a 3D world encompassing electronics and games, to movie content. Sony also unveiled the first of its ground-breaking lineup of 3D entertainment products for the home at "International CES 2010", currently being held in Las Vegas, U.S.

Consumer Electronics

Sony is introducing the following 3D compatible consumer electronics products, enabling users to enjoy an array of immersive 3D content in the home:

• 3D compatible BRAVIA® LCD TVs, 3D compatible Blu-ray disc players, and 3D compatible Blu-ray disc players with built in theater systems to be introduced worldwide from summer 2010.
• 3D compatible VAIO PCs, 3D compatible digital still cameras are also scheduled to be introduced during 2010 (plans for 3D compatible VAIO PCs previously announced on September 3rd, 2009).

Movie and TV Content

A wide selection of exciting 3D content will be vital for accelerating the growth of 3D entertainment in the home, and Sony plans to offer a comprehensive range of 3D home entertainment content to appeal to the widest possible audience.

• Sony Pictures Entertainment has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of 3D movie production, and its subsidiary Sony Pictures Imagesworks has created visual effect and imagery for numerous revolutionary 3D movies since early 2000. Furthermore, in order to share its extensive knowledge of the techniques and equipment required to create advanced quality 3D productions, Sony has established the "Sony 3D Technology Center",in Culver City, California with the aim of nurturing a community of experts in the rapidly growing market for 3D entertainment.
• "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" will be the first in the catalog of 3D movies created by Sony Pictures Entertainment to be issued on Blu-ray disc, and is scheduled for release in the summer of 2010. Sony Pictures Entertainment plans to continue the release of both its latest movie titles and previous masterpieces on "3D Blu-ray discs" going forward.
• Discovery Communications, Sony Corporation and IMAX Corporation announced a joint venture to be established to develop the first dedicated 3D television network in the U.S. The partnership brings together three leaders with an extraordinary collection of award-winning 3D content, technology expertise, television distribution and operational strength to deliver a high-quality three-dimensional viewing experience to home television audiences.
• The excitement of sports is also suited to the dynamic realism of 3D, and this is another area in which Sony is concentrating its 3D efforts. Through an alliance with ESPN, the largest sports broadcaster in the U.S., Sony will cooperate in the 3D filming of sports events including "X Games" and "College Football" to deliver the full impact and excitement of 3D sports broadcasts. Sony is also driving the growth of 3D in sports such as golf and football through its previously announced 3D agreements with FIFA and the PGA Tour.
• 3D programming from broadcasters will also be essential to ensuring the enjoyment of a wide variety of content on 3D compatible BRAVIA LCD TVs. As such, Sony is working with leading broadcasters including ESPN, DirecTV, Discovery Channel in the U.S, and BSkyB in the U.K. to ensure that Sony BRAVIA LCD TVs will be capable of receiving the 3D programming these broadcasters are currently developing.
• Following the launch of these 3D compatible products, Sony will also initiate the distribution of 3D content through its network service platforms as a further means of delivering 3D content to consumers, in addition to TV broadcasts and Blu-ray discs.



For PlayStation®3:

• All PlayStation®3 units will become available to play 3D stereoscopic games through a firmware update, scheduled to be available in summer of 2010 (previously announced on November 19th, 2009).
• Playback of 3D content on "Blu-ray" discs will also be possible by upgrading PlayStation®3 with a further firmware update.

To provide consumers with the opportunity to experience the excitement and dynamism of 3D for themselves, from Jan 6th onwards Sony will begin offering demonstrations of 3D compatible BRAVIA LCD TVs at all Sony Style stores across the U.S. (44 in total). These demonstrations will also be shown in selected Sony showrooms and Sony Style stores across Japan, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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