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Snell Kahuna Multi-Format Switcher for Germany's First 3D Broadcast Truck

3D capable HD OBVan built by Broadcast Solutions

Snell today announced that Broadcast Solutions GmbH, a German designer and manufacturer of custom DSNG and OB vehicles, has placed Snell's Kahuna HD/SD multi-format production switcher at the core of its new 16-camera 3D/HD broadcast truck. One of the first vehicles in Germany to offer 3D production capabilities, the new truck features the state of the art in 3D and HD production equipment and features designed to provide a smooth path to the latest broadcasting standards.

Broadcast Solutions GmbH Places Kahuna at the Core of New State-of-the-Art 16-Camera Truck

"Many of our German customers are already mounting 3D sports productions, and we expect other entertainment events to follow soon," said Stefan Breder, managing director of Broadcast Solutions GmbH. "Kahuna is truly unique in the market for its integrated ability to handle 3D switching in parallel with all other format sources including SD and HD, which offers a truly future-proof option for our clients. That is why Kahuna will always be our first choice for our truck projects."

Built for Broadcast Solutions' client HD Broadcast GmbH, a service provider for the German television and film industries, the new vehicle is a 12-meter semi-trailer with a 1.3-meter full-length extension, two independent video production areas, and an audio control room. The truck includes two Kahuna production switchers — one for each production area — in addition to a Snell Cygnus video router with 288 inputs and 528 outputs, and several components from the Snell IQ Modular infrastructure range. The Kahuna switchers support 3D as well as standard HD production, providing the ability to perform extensive corrections to stereoscopic 3D content all within a single M/E. Since Kahuna offers internal features for 3D image calibration, operators can easily make complementary adjustments to the left and right sources to correct any convergence issues.

"There's no question that 3D production is taking the broadcasting and film industries by storm, and service providers need to offer capabilities to help their broadcasting clients evolve their facilities smoothly and easily to the new format," said Simon Derry, CEO of Snell. "Because we offer products such as Kahuna, which is unique in its ability to effortlessly incorporate 3D feeds into the production mix, the emergence of 3D is a significant opportunity for Snell and is becoming a key contributor to our company's continued expansion."

About Kahuna

Kahuna from Snell is the world's first and only true multi-format SD/HD production switcher. Thanks to a Snell technology called FormatFusion, Kahuna enables simultaneous SD and HD operations in the same mainframe and on the same control panel. This vastly simplifies the HDTV transition for broadcasters by eliminating the need for external HDTV up/down/crossconverters in the live production environment, as well as the cost and the signal path delay associated with these products. Kahuna has the smallest mainframe, lowest weight, and lowest power consumption when compared with other large switchers, and it has been integrated with dozens of third-party products including routers, servers, automation systems, and controllers.


About Broadcast Solutions GmbH

Broadcast Solutions GmbH is a system integrator and a sales and service partner for the broadcast market. Broadcast Solutions specializes in the area of video-, audio-, network and control systems, as well as in the satellite communications sector. The company's core competence is the customized design and manufacture of DSNG vehicles and OB-vans. As a main contractor we act as your partner from the first idea of the design to the realization of the entire project. From interior fitting, power system, airconsystem, audio-, video and network systems, up to satcom systems, we have our own specialists realizing your projects. In the recent years, Broadcast Solutions GmbH has implemented more than 100 OB-vans and several studio installations, as well as fixed up- and downlink stations.

The core business in the product area is also the complete range of broadcast products and products for satellite communication. Broadcast Solutions is your partner for all customer-specific solutions for every aspect of broadcasting technology. We will also provide you with training and after sales service and a 24/7 support hotline for our systems and products on different levels of service contracts. Broadcast Solutions is represented by various sales partners throughout the world. Broadcast Solutions: our name is our motto; our specialists and partners will find a reliable and cost-effective solution for all your requirements and ideas.

About Snell

Snell is a leading innovator in the digital media market. The company provides customers with a comprehensive range of solutions for the creation, management, and distribution of content, as well as the tools necessary to transition seamlessly and cost-effectively to digital, HDTV, and 3Gbp/s operations. Snell's Emmy® Award-winning image processing, live production, automation, and infrastructure technologies provide customers with the ultimate flexibility, operational efficiency, and ROI required in today's multi-screen world. Headquartered in the U.K., Snell serves more than 2,000 active customers in more than 100 countries through a worldwide team of sales and support personnel. More information is available at