Fulcrum AT/12G server – Now supports more 3G/HD channels at NAB2019

Fulcrum AT/12G server – Now supports more 3G/HD channels.

Modernized 4K multichannel recording and replay server

At NAB2019 Show will demonstrate the upgraded broadcast grade 4K server Fulcrum AT/12G with an increased number of channels for 3G/HD resolutions: support of 662 and 771 configurations in replay mode and up to 8 channels in recording for NLE! According to numerous clients’ inquiries significantly expanded the capabilities of the server and created a universal system for any task.

Fulcrum AT/12G was first introduced at NAB Show 2018. Maintaining the leadership in price/functionality ratio among broadcast grade 4K servers, Fulcrum AT/12G started to support more 3G / HD channels. The price remains surprisingly affordable – $60,000.

Initially Fulcrum AT/12G provided 442 (4REC+4SEARCH+2PLAY+FX) configuration for all resolutions (4K/3G/HD), the upgraded Fulcrum AT/12G not only supports 442 mode for 4K, but also has 662 and 771 configurations for 3G/HD. This means that the system records 6 or 7 3G/HD channels, plays back 2 channels with the transition effect and simultaneously searches on all 6 or 7 recorded channels.


Fulcrum AT/12G also has a DMRTM option which provides recording of up to 8 channels in NLE file formats with following codecs: Prores, Avid DNxHD, AVC-Intra 100, XAVC, DVCPro HD, XDCAM 50. Recording can be performed on standard 3.5" SATA hard drives ToolLess/TrayLess installed in 4 DMRTM Racks located on the front panel, or on a NAS server connected via local network via 10GbE interface.

Like all servers the new modernized Fulcrum AT/12G has a wide range of broadcast options: networking, NLE, SuperMo, ExtraMo and HyperMo cameras, export, telestrator, additional codecs.

You can get acquainted with the novelty at the stand #SL3829.


Fulcrum AT/12G features include:

  • • Unique 4Record+4Search+2Play channel combination working with 4K video with extended capability for 3G/HD video 6Record+6Search+2Play or 7Record+7Search+2Play, but with only one physical SDI output.
  • • Universal 12G/3G/HD/SD SDI video interface
  • • Support of 4K/3G/HD/1280p formats
  • • Simultaneous access to all recorded channels and two play channels with transition. 
  • • Proprietary DMR™ technology enables recording of up to 8 channels with ProRes/AVID DNxHD/XDCAM50/DVCProHD/AVC Intra 100 codecs into NLE native files formats. As such it mitigates content export. For 4K resolution, 3 channels can be recorded using DMR™ technology with ProRes codec.
  • • The video material is directly recorded on standard 3.5" SATA hard drives ToolLess/TrayLess installed in 4 DMR™ Racks located on the front panel or on a network attached storage system connected via 10GbE local network.


  • • DMR™ technology provides simultaneous recording of both full resolution video files and SD Proxy files, which significantly increases the speed and comfort of editing and MXF XDCAM50 - growing file support.
  • • An increase in the number of channels allowed having SuperMo option. One server Fulcrum AT/12G processes the video signal from three 2x SuperMotion or two 3x SuperMotion cameras.
  • • Fulcrum offers a broad set of broadcast options and features: SuperMo ,ExtraMo and HyperMo cameras support, 10 GbE replay networking, multi-channel DMR™ ProRes, DNxHD, XDCAM50, AVC-100, XAVC, H264 recording and telestrator.
  • • Integrated SSD storage capacity of 133 hours of HD video, which can be increased by a factor of four.
  • • Four embedded 3.5" DMR™ racks for SATA hard disks.
  • • Fulcrum is compact and lightweight 4U – 56 cm and 18.5 kg form factor making it ideal for fly-away and OB environments.

A built-in Multiviewer features five basic configurations of different numbers of video feeds - displaying video inputs, search channels, and system video outputs. Developed specifically for cramped production environments where space-saving is at a premium, a MultiSkin function allows the operator to use one monitor to display different interfaces: the main GUI interface, Multiviewer or Game Analyzer (telestrator).


Together with several SSD technology developers, has developed the capability of recording and storing high-quality video with SSD technology. The use of SSD storage facilitates a number of advanced features on servers – search on all channels, recording uncompressed full-resolution video signals, large built-in storage capacity, lightweight servers, and the ability to operate in harsh conditions including high vibration levels.