SGO Demonstrates Mistika Live On-Set Application

SGO's Mistika Post Production System & Mistika Live On-Set Application

With the reputation as one of the most powerful DI, 2D and stereo 3D post production tools in the market, Mistika continues to define and lead the stereoscopic 3D revolution with stunning production workflows and highly developed industry-leading toolsets, which are being demonstrated at SGO's Booth SL 8220 in the South Hall, at NAB this year.


SGO presents how the system forms the central core of the process and how its incredible toolset efficiently handles both the challenges and creative demands of production. Mistika shows how it enhances a quality driven business, based on its unrivalled speed, highly developed functionality, openness, flexibility and ability to integrate seamlessly with other systems to work collaboratively.

As a complete post production system, Mistika has highly developed tools which include editing, conforming, image restoration, compositing, colour grading, multi mastering and DCP deliverables for both 2D and stereo 3D.

Launching Mistika Version 6 for the first time at NAB, and with a focus on Mistika’s truly remarkable stereo 3D capabilities and workflow, please find key features summarised below:

Summary of Mistika Version 6's New Features

• RED EPIC & ARRI ALEXA native support
• Meta-data and codec Raw included in the intake flow
• Stereo 3D interlaced and progressive, for cinema and TV
• Ultra fast Graphics Processing owing to GPU calculation parallelisation.
• DCP Output Module enabling the creation of digital cinema packages
• Mistika timeline re-conform, retaining effects & placing them them in new positions & durations.
• New render-farm management with multiple GPU render nodes support in SAN architectures
• Pixel-by-pixel Stereo Colour Matching
• New GPU based Effects: Optical Motion Blur, 3DLUTS/1DLUTS and Debayer
• Mistika’s new version offers, increase in performance speed & power in real-time
• New Mistika Live module for shooting adjustments in real-time, dailies creation and MXF for offline systems in formats such as MXF, DnxHD and many others.
• Numerous other new Stereo 3D tools


Mistika Live

SGO’s latest innovative development, the new on-set Mistika Live application, is also being demonstrated, to show how SGO's technology can be used at the start of the production process. Mistika Live is the ultimate on-set work station in a stereo 3D shoot environment, which extends Mistika's industry-leading stereoscopic 3D post production tools into the production environment.


projectiondesign® is supporting SGO with high impact and super sized 3D projected displays to showcase a mixture of 2D and 3D content at SGO's booth. SGO demonstrates Mistika’s capabilities in two 3D and one 2D post production scenarios, using projectiondesign cineo32 DLP® projectors at the show. Designed specifically with grading, editing, and preview suites in mind, the cineo32 has superb colour accuracy and ability to be output-adjusted to fit various screen sizes with desired brightness levels.


Spatial View

Spatial View provides devices for the creation, adaptation, and viewing of stereo 3D content on a variety of platforms including the iPhone, iPod touch, mobiles, PCs and internet connected devices. SGO’s Mistika has been selected for its Stereo 3D post production and content adaptation, which can be discussed in further detail by our technical experts at SGO's booth at NAB.

VIP Guest Speakers at SGO's Booth SL8220

The following exciting Mistika discussions are scheduled as follows:

• 3D for Television at BSkyB: SGO Mistika Partner Case Study
Presented by: Sarah Cloutier, VFX Manager, Sky Creative & Francisco Ramos, Stereographer & Stereo 3D Online Artist, Sky Creative
Details: Presentation of an insight into 3D production and post workflow, experienced daily at BSkyB. The session covers pros and cons of different shoot formats for post production; visual effects workflow, titles, graphics & branding required for television; kit & pipeline overview and the most efficient Stereo 3D workflows that work for BSkyB.
Times & Days: 11am & 3pm on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at SGO's Booth SL8220

Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough – Mistika Case Study at On Sight
Presented by: Andrew Shelley, COO, On Sight, London, UK
Details: On Sight's experience of post producing Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough, a ground-breaking film, that uses Mistika's cutting-edge Stereo 3D technology and CGI with live interaction, to bring giant prehistoric creatures back to life on television and IMAX screens in Stereo 3D.
Time & Days: 1pm on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at SGO's Booth SL8220


SGO Mistika's Presence at other booths at NAB 2011

SGO collaborates with various key strategic partners, who have included Mistika's presence at their booths this year at NAB, as summarised below:

RED Digital Cinema: Booth SL6220 – Ten-minute presentations revealing Mistika's compatibility with RED cameras.

Element Technica: Booth C12626 - Combined Element Technica and Mistika demonstrations take place for the first time ever at NAB, conveying the integration of Element Technica’s 3D rigs, through bi-directional meta-data capability, with SGO’s flagship DI and Stereo 3D Mistika post production system, which enables live interaction between all functions and accepts almost any image resolution from SD to 5K and beyond, in 2D and Stereo 3D.

NVIDIA: Booth SL2728 - Includes demo footage of recent projects and case studies post produced using Mistika in combination with NVIDIA's graphics cards, as a testimony to the post solution's astounding speed and power.

About SGO

SGO is a leading European developer of high-end solutions for the post production and broadcast industries and has been distributing and providing system integration and developing solutions for the film and media industries since 1993. Mistika, SGO's high-end post production system offers a complete solution and industry-leading performance for post production across all genres from advertising, film and television productions.
Customers include Park Road Post Production, BSkyB, Framestore, Preditors, On Sight, Chroma Film & TV Hamburg, BTV, ATM, Mighty Horn, Hi-Ground Media, CVisual, Dimension Plus, Videomedia, Molinare Madrid, Infinia, El Colorado, Film Bakers, Thomson Technicolor Madrid, Real Madrid Televisión, PICTORION das werk GmbH and OPTIX Post Production Inc., amongst many other companies worldwide.