SENCORE Delivers a New Dimension With 3D-Ready Video and Signal Delivery Products

SENCORE CMA 1820 compressed media analyzer, MRD3187B receiver decoder and SMD 989 satellite modulator

SENCORE's advanced video delivery and test and measurement solutions support today's 3D broadcast revolution and have the flexibility to continue doing so in the future. Furthermore, as consumer demand and technological advances combine to yield changes in compatibility standards, SENCORE is committed to adding appropriate, 3D-compatible features and products to its portfolio.

"The initial deployments of 3D television technology, including alternate-frame 3D, rely on existing broadcast standards such as 720p60 and 1080p24, and baseband video outputs of these formats are supported by existing HD-SDI and HDMI standards," explained Jeff Briden, director of product management at SENCORE. "Currently, SENCORE's line of receiver decoders and our analysis, monitoring, and signal source products all support MPEG transport streams, thus facilitating the most popular 3D delivery techniques. As new standards such as H.264 Multiview Video Coding (MVC) gain traction, the modular architecture of SENCORE's product lines will enable easy upgrades so that our gear keeps pace rather than becoming obsolete."

Among the SENCORE products that help add the third dimension to video are modular receiver decoders, IP de-encapsulators, receiver-decoder cards, satellite modulators, compressed media analyzer software, and digital audio/video generator-HDMI analyzers.


For example, content providers and video distributors can decode 3D transport streams by using a dual-channel SENCORE MRD3187B receiver decoder. These same customers can use the MRD3187B to decode side-by-side and top-bottom encoded 3D content for re-encoding applications, and then output the 3D streams on the new SENCORE SMD 989 modulator. Finally, engineers can analyze the quality of the 3D content using the SENCORE CMA 1820 compressed media analyzer. In all, this SENCORE product offering gives customers a complete 3D-capable solution from ingest to distribution.

"No matter what new technology or trend our industry encounters, SENCORE continues to support our contribution and distribution partners," added Briden. "This commitment applies to our product lines, as well as our customer and technical service, which has unsurpassed expertise and experience when it comes to preparing a facility for 3D."