Ross Video Launches Ultrix – The Ultimate Connectivity Platform

Routing on Steroids: 12G Routing, Audio Processing, Multiviewers and Flexible I/O

Ross Video has redefined the compact routing switcher space with the launch of Ultrix.  Ultrix is much more than just a router, which is why Ross is calling it The Ultimate Connectivity Platform.  Ultrix packs an unprecedented feature set into a compact package including formerly big router only technology like audio processing and multi-viewers while supporting the new SMTPE 12G standard that gets 4K/UHD video on a single coaxial cable.  By incorporating these features, Ultrix substantially reduces system cost, increases flexibility and simplifies system design

“We are blown away at what our development team has been able to accomplish.  The only way to explain this is that Ultrix is a routing system on steroids.” commented David Ross.  “This is where we like to be, bringing breakthrough new products to market that make a big difference to our customers and integration partners in how they can craft new workflow solutions.”

Ultrix 12G Routing
Ultrix handles all of the SDI data rates from 270Mb/s to 12Gb/s.  Designing for 12G support means Ultrix offers superior performance at lower 1.5 and 3 Gb/s data rates.  This makes Ultrix a great fit for today’s signals while providing peace of mind for those concerned about supporting 4K in the future.   

In addition to BNC I/O, Ultrix offers SFP slots that can provide other types of I/O like Fiber, HDMI and IP.


Ultriscape Multiviewer
Ultriscape is the industry’s first software enabled multiviewer in a router. No special output boards, crosspoints, or multichannel connection cables are needed. Because the multiviewer outputs can be assigned to standard BNC or Flexible Aux outputs on the frame, users have the flexibility to choose the output type they need for each monitor, thus eliminating the hassle of matching traditional multiviewer outputs to the monitors being driven.

Ultrimix Advanced Audio Processing
The Ultrimix option provides advanced audio integration, including the ability to embed and de-embed audio on all of the inputs and outputs of the router. Users have complete flexibility to process, swap, sum, mute, or route any discrete or embedded audio input to any output. Ultrimix is perfect for applications where audio is constantly changing, and it can be added as needed without throwing away any initial investment in the system.


Ultricore Control
Ultricore is a new control system companion to Ultrix.  It provides complete control, configuration and monitoring over both Ultrix and NK Series Routers.  A Ross DashBoard Native Application, Ultricore provides easy access to the advanced features of Ultrix.

About Ross Video
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