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Red Bull Rampage 3D: The Evolution

Hi-Ground Media takes the higher ground by choosing Mistika for latest stunning Stereo 3D Documentary

SGO's Mistika was used by Hi-Ground Media for the complete post production of the stunning Red Bull 3D action sports documentary, titled Red Bull Rampage 3D: The Evolution. In association with Action 3D Productions, the high-profile programme was directed by Mike McEntire and Wayne Miller and lead by Executive Producer Gregg Katano.

Recognised for utilising the best available resources to create the most captivating, immersive content, California-based Hi-Ground Media, continues to develop a brand that is synonymous with quality integrity. The company provides an unparalleled approach to innovative content creation, by complementing its proven technological infrastructure with a Mistika post production system.

Red Bull Rampage 3D: The Evolution depicts the story of five top riders from around the world, competing at the world’s most extreme freestyle mountain biking event. The documentary was captured in the rugged mountains of Utah in a variety of challenging weather conditions, including rain and sand storms. Rigs were mounted with a variety of zoom lenses, including very long zooms and high speed cameras with wide angle lenses.


Red Bull Rampage 3D: The Evolution was finished entirely in Mistika, using its advanced DI and stereo 3D toolset which included colour correction of both eyes with fast eye-matching tools, 3D geometric tweaks and creative convergence choices. The real time stereo workflow tools in Mistika, and its pixel-based platform, provided Hi-Ground with the ability to precisely align the shots that required geometric adjustments, including the wide angle, slow-motion shots. Executive Producer and Hi-Ground Media Founder, Gregg Katano, explains: “Whether or not a shot is properly captured during production, it is important to adjust each shot in post. Doing so allows for the highest quality 3D imaging to be produced. Mistika’s geometric functionality greatly simplified the 3D adjustment process.”

A3D’s Wayne Miller, adds: “We loved the precision to which we could perfect each part of the shot, and Mistika delivered results very quickly. To achieve the depth and dimensionality, the system allows for both interocular and convergence changes, which gave us the ability to maximise our creative choices in both depth and dimension.” In addition, the Mistika's 3D graphic capabilities were very fast and allowed for a smooth process when interacting 3D graphics with the live action frame. Gregg states: “The Mistika system proved to be an invaluable asset throughout post production. Its innovative system configurations complied seamlessly with our creative endeavours and also saved time.”


Supervising Producer of the Red Bull project, who is also Director of Business Development and a Partner at Hi-Ground Media, Ajay Relan, concludes: “Hi-Ground Media's most recent high profile 3D production titled, Red Bull Rampage 3D: The Evolution, utilised the highly functional Mistika system. Complimenting its proven technological infrastructure with Mistika will allow Hi-Ground Media to continue pioneering the media production industry."

Red Bull Rampage 3D: The Evolution completed post production at Hi-Ground Media in Los Angeles, and will be released later in the year.
PRODUCTION COMPANY Hi-Ground Media in association with Action 3D Productions
PRODUCER Wayne Miller, Gregg Katano
DIRECTED BY Wayne Miller, Mike McEntire


Hi-Ground Media

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