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P+S TECHNIK: Evolution and Freestyle Upgrades available

3D Standard Rig and 3D Freestyle Rig from P+S TECHNIK

P+S TECHNIK successfully merged 20 years of experience in the industry with in-depth knowledge in opto-mechanics into the development of its professional 3D mirror rigs. The 3D Stereo Rig product family, including the Standard Rig, the Freestyle Rig and plenty of accessories for both, provides multiple user-focussed solutions to cover the requirements of the creatives as well as of the producers for different types of productions.

P+S TECHNIK success speaks for itself: Recently 3D stereo rigs have been successfully used on major digital film and broadcast productions such as

SAW 3D (Director: Kevin Greutert / DoP: Brian Gedge / Stereographer: Bill Reeve)
The Three Musketeers 3D (Director: Paul W.S. Anderson / DoP: Glen MacPherson ASC)
Battle of Warsaw 1920 (Director: Jerzy Hoffman / DoP: Slawomir Idziak)
The Flying Machine 3D (Director: Martin Clap & Geoff Lindsey / DoP: Krzysztof Ptak & Michal Stajniak)
Carmen 3D (Director: Julian Napier / DoP: Sean MacLeod Phillips / Stereographer: Adam Sculthorp)
Pina 3D (Director: Wim Wenders / DoP: Hélène Louvart / Stereographer: Alain Derobe)
Die Fantastischen Vier - Live in 3D (Director: Sven Offen / Stereographer: Josef Kluger)
Distant Thunder 3D (Director: Mark Deeble & Victoria Stone, DoP: Mark Deeble, Stereographer: Andy Millns & Campbell Goodwille)and many more.

The close relationship with key customers and the crews on set allow P+S TECHNIK to continually redesign and enhance products according to the latest requirements.

Evolution Upgrade and new camera plates for the Freestyle Rig

The latest development is an optional Evolution Upgrade for the Freestyle Rig, which consists of two stronger camera plates designed for heavy camera setups. This Evolution Upgrade modification includes the following features:


• Completely new designed camera adapters to ensure highest stability suitable for heavy camera setups (Alexa, RED, WEISSCAM HS-2 etc.). These adapters are currently used in combination with Arri Alexas e.g. on the current Constantin Production „Musketeers 3D“

• The roll-, tilt- and height-adjustment-mechanisms are much more stable to suit heavy setups.

• Due to the much higher stability the rig’s weight is raised by about 800 grams to 7,5 kg. Thanks to the carbon based design the Freestyle Rig is still more lightweight than the competition!

• The new camera adapters (as well as the older modified lightweight camera adapters) ensure a quick setup, a quick adjustment/calibration and constant stability of settings. This is especially important for broadcast applications.

The Evolution Upgrade ensures a quick setup and calibration process as well as stable alignments for broadcast and digital film applications. A range of ergonomic mounting accessories prepare this rig for steadycam, shoulder, crane and dolly use.

Freestyle Rig on a Tripod

To tilt a Freestyle Rig on a tripod use the Freestyle Rig Low Mode Interface Plate (# 26563). Just mount it in the right angle like that


Freestyle Rig on a Tripod

Enhancements and new accessories for 3D Standard Rig

Initially mainly small 2k and HD cameras have been used for 3D productions. That was why P+S TECHNIK designed a very light weight mirror rig with an outstanding cost performance ratio. Since then a professionalization of stereoscopic 3D filmmaking took place at the global level. This is leading to the widespread use of heavy professional cameras for 3D applications. For those who need maximum stability available we are offering a new Diagonal Support for the Standard Rig. This solution has been successfully used during the first German football 3D-HD-Live-Production.


P+S 3D Standard Rig


P+S TECHNIK, founded in 1990 and headquartered in Ottobrunn, Germany, has earned a reputation as a competent and professional partner for solutions and products of the highest level in the cine world. Since 2006, P+S TECHNIK develops and manufactures Digital Cinema Cameras and Highspeed Cameras in cooperation with cinematographers and professional hardware and software developers such as Silicon Imaging, WEISSCAM, IRIDAS and CineForm. Since 2008, P+S TECHNIK is dedicated to advancing realistic 3D stereography for broadcast and cinema together with pioneers in the field, such as Alain Derobe and Philippe Bordelais. By providing 3D Stereo Rigs to suit for anyone and for every occasion P+S TECHNIK has become the worldwide market leader in providing 3D camera systems. A constantly cultivated close relationship with our key clients and experienced users allow us to tailor our products to the industry’s needs.