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Presteigne Charter Makes Industry’s Largest Ever Investment in Sony 3D Technology

MPE-200s 3D Processor boxes, HDC-1500R camera systems, HDC-P1 POV cameras, LMD-4251TD 3D LCDs and MVS-8000x vision mixers

Presteigne Charter, one of the world’s leading broadcast dry hire and systems rental specialists announced a major expansion of its 3D facilities, following the largest ever investment in Sony 3D production systems. Reputed for its early adoption of cutting edge formats, Presteigne Charter has scaled up its 3D production portfolio, with the addition of 13 Sony MPE-200s 3D Processor boxes, 10 HDC-1500R camera systems, as well as a mix of Sony HDC-P1 POV cameras, LMD-4251TD 3D LCDs and monitors and Sony MVS-8000x vision mixers.

Presteigne Charter becomes UK’s biggest 3D hire company with the acquisition of 13 Sony 3D Processor Boxes and 10 HDC-1500R camera systems

Mike Ransome, Managing Director, Presteigne Charter, explained the logic behind the company’s 3D acquisitions: “Following Sky and Sony’s high profile 3D format trials this summer, we believe the media and broadcast sector is at tipping point and it is now critical that we build momentum for 3D content production across the industry. Our investment in cutting-edge Sony 3D technology will position Presteigne Charter at the forefront of 3D hire in the industry. Sony has been pioneering quality standards in 3D that are crucial to the longevity and credibility of the format. It was also vital that we offer scalable solutions to facilitate 3D content production from small scale production companies right through to major broadcasters.”

Sony Professional’s Chris Nairn added: “Presteigne Charter is a true innovator and has always been early to adopt cutting edge production formats. This is the most significant investment in Sony 3D solutions in the UK and we’ve worked closely with them to ensure they have the best products to create scalable 3D solutions that arm customers with the tools to make high quality 3D productions.”


As a true driver of 3D content production for all sizes of business, Presteigne Charter was mindful that they wanted to provide a scalable range of solutions which would make affordable 3D production accessible to all. With this in mind they chose to combine high precision rigs with Sony’s HD compact multi-purpose HDC-P1 POV cameras, which allow for smaller footprint camera positions, thanks to Sony’s multi-cameras control network. In addition to Sony HDC-P1 cameras, Presteigne Charter invested in 13 of Sony’s MPE-200 3D processor boxes. This flexible, open-architecture 3D image processor box, works with a growing number of rig and lens manufacturers to correct stereo source misalignment in real time, ensuring high quality 3D in live environments.

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