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Plazamedia and Vizrt show Germany’s first real-time 3D Stereoscopic HD Virtual Studio

Plazamedia 3D Studio

“We knew that Plazamedia planned to demonstrate its new real-time HD virtual studio. So we thought, why not take it one step further and create all the scenes in 3D?,” explained Gerhard Lang, Chief Engineering Officer, Vizrt.

Germany’s first 3D HD virtual studio

The result of the cooperation allowed Plazamedia to promote not only the company’s new HD virtual studio and HD master control room, but also Germany’s first 3D HD virtual studio, powered by Vizrt technology. The Open House early last month was the public premiere for the new setup.Instead of seeing the usual flat TV picture, Vizrt’s real-time renderers created stereoscopic images that were used to create an illusion of depth. Using special 3D glasses, the guests could see moving 3D content on a typical TV screen. The installation was done without the special stereo cameras normally needed for 3D demonstrations. Vizrt’s stereoscopic rendering ensured that the on-camera talent remained properly situated within the 3D scene.

Plazamedia worked closely leading virtual studio vendors — including Thoma, Technocrane, Vizrt and Infitec.

Plazamedia’s HD virtual studio is based on two Vizrt products: Viz Virtual Studio and the Viz Engine real-time renderering engine. Both system are capable of creating real-time graphics both in SD as well as HD. In addition, Plazamedia worked closely with other leading virtual studio vendors—including Thoma, Technocrane, and Infitec.“We pride ourselves on having possibly the most innovative virtual studio capability, which is why we added our new HD virtual studio,” said Florian Nowosad, CEO of PLAZAMEDIA GmbH. “But our Open House was an opportunity to show our customers that 3D HD virtual studio capability has arrived, and it’s now the cutting edge of realtime TV graphics effects. We’re the first in Germany with a HD virtual studio, and we’ve set the bar even higher by showing stereo 3D HD virtual studio production — both of which are exciting new ways of keeping TV viewers engaged.”


ESPN, NFL and BSkyB have already been on air

Vizrt’s Gerhard Lang added, “This is definitely not a one-off. Some of Vizrt’s customers such as ESPN, NFL and BSkyB have already been on air with Stereo 3D content, and we see this as a future growth market for Vizrt. Broadcasters just require proof that this technology is ready for prime time. With Plazamadia’s HD 3D virtual studio, we’ve demonstrated that 3D production is indeed a valid option.”