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Pictorvision Eclipse Flies with Cameron - Pace Group's Aerial 3D System

The Pictorvision Eclipse is the most advanced gyro stabilized aerial camera platform available today

Pictorvision announces that their state-of-the-art aerial system, Eclipse, will fly with the CAMERON – PACE Group’s FUSION Aerial 3D system on an upcoming 3D production, carrying digital cinema cameras. The Eclipse first flew HD cameras on the recent 2011 CBS Sports’ Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Pictorvision with CAMERON – PACE Group offers the first aerial FUSION 3D system with fully functional, adjustable interocular and convergence capabilities. “We can now support 3D production with ARRI ALEXA and RED EPIC cameras,” says Tom Hallman, President of Pictorvision.

“The biggest challenge in taking 3D into the air is that the packages are relatively big, heavy, and there is limited space to move the cameras for perfect convergence,” he adds. “It was important to make this happen, so the CPG team stepped up and did the work on their end, customizing their system to fit with our aerial system. The result is a package small and lightweight enough to perform all the 3D functions you expect on the ground – in the air.”

The Pictorvision Eclipse is the most advanced gyro stabilized aerial camera platform available today. The system’s open architecture design and superior engineering allows it to fly with a wide range of film and digital cinema cameras, as well as the new CAMERON – PACE Group FUSION Aerial 3D System. It’s the Eclipse’s ability to handle large payloads while maintaining an absolutely level horizon and perfect stabilization that makes it perfect to shoot 3D footage for the big screen.


“After our success on the 2011 Masters Golf Tournament, CPG is proud to collaborate with Pictorvision’s engineering staff on this innovative new platform for aerial cinematography based on the FUSION 3D system,” said Vince Pace, Co-Chairman and CEO of CAMERON – PACE Group. “This now allows us to offer global productions the best 3D solution in aerial cinematography.”

The Pictorvision Eclipse/Cameron – PACE Group package will be on display at Cine Gear Expo in booth #91.


Pictorvision is the first and only company to offer an entire line of Eclipse, Wescam, and Cineflex gyro-stabilized aerial camera systems for capturing thrilling images from above and beyond. Whether the production calls for 3D, HD, 35mm, 4Kdigital, IMAX 35mm, cost-effective SD, or anything in between, Pictorvision’s goal is to provide a tailored solution for each project. Revolutionizing a new generation of aerial camera systems, the Eclipse offers the most advanced steering, stability, and pointing capabilities available on the market. Partnering with the world’s most creative Directors of Photography, our engineering team integrates user functionality with industry-defining technology, to usher in a new dawn of aerial cinematography.



CAMERON - PACE Group (CPG) is a trend-creating technology and production services firm. CPG is advancing the future of 3D across all media channels by making the most advanced products, support solutions and creative tools available and accessible to networks, studios, broadcasters, filmmakers and creative teams around the globe.  The company is singularly dedicated to building upon the strong foundation of innovative technology developed by its visionary co-founders, James Cameron, Vince Pace and Patrick Campbell and leveraging its unmatched 3D expertise to help content producers realize 3D's full potential as a creative and powerful storytelling medium. CAMERON - PACE Group was founded in 2011 by James Cameron and Vince Pace and is headquartered in Burbank, CA.