Panasonic Launches Initiative to Encourage 3D Filmmaking

Panasonic to purchase creative 3D shorts produced on the AG-3DA1 in Europe-wide content production programme

Panasonic Corporation is offering to buy filmmakers’ first 3D short film for 4,000 euros when shot with a AG-3DA1 integrated twin lens camcorders purchased between 1st December 2010, and 31st March 2011.

Filmmakers are invited to produce a short creative film which demonstrates innovation and artistic flair. Panasonic is offering to buy those films that meet the relevant criteria outlined in the programme’s terms and conditions. These can be found at

3D Filmmaking - Terms and Conditions


Carmen Mendoza, Broadcast Marketing General Manager at Panasonic, said: “Innovations in technology show that this time, the third dimension is here to stay. 3D is delivering dynamic, engaging content and transforming both the viewing experience and the industry as a whole. This initiative is designed to encourage filmmakers to produce new and exciting content and support the industry as it advances into the 3D world.”

Filmmakers who buy the 3DA1 are invited to submit a short, creative 3D film of three to four minutes. After purchase, customers can register their participation on a dedicated page on the Panasonic website where instructions for submission can also be found. Filmmakers whose films meet the criteria set out by the terms and conditions will then be eligible for the offer from Panasonic as a mark of the company’s support and encouragement of the use of 3D.

The programme begins on 1st December 2010 and continues until 31st of March 2011, the registration page will be open until 15th of April 2011.


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