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Oxido Pioneering with DVS CLIPSTER

Mexico's Oxido has added a DVS CLIPSTER® to its workflow for handling stereoscopic projects

DVS has equipped Mexico City-based Oxido with a CLIPSTER® to expand the facility's service portfolio for commercial and feature film projects. Oxido, one of the most important post production houses in Latin America, is the first provider of 2K stereoscopic work in Mexico. With CLIPSTER®, Oxido has opted for future-proof DI equipment, and further strengthens its role as DI pioneers in Latin America.

CLIPSTER® has been included into Oxido's DI infrastructure and constitutes the centerpiece in the newly established stereoscopic suite, enabling the editors to easily process high-resolution film data and finalize their 3D projects. The facility benefits from the DI workstation's open interfaces and its perfect integration into the existing system architecture.

Moreover, CLIPSTER® significantly accelerates Oxido's post production processes by realizing RAW workflows and 2K mastering in real time: The award-winning DI workstation creates a single timeline from a wide range of different RAW data, e.g. material from RED, ARRI, Phantom or Silicon Imaging cameras. All RAW formats can be decoded and demosaiced in real time. DPX file sequences used in third-party color grading software are generated in high speed, even in 3D projects.


Marco Rodriguez, Director of Oxido: "With the addition of DVS CLIPSTER® to our service offerings, stereoscopic projects are now easily accommodated by our experienced creative team. CLIPSTER's speed and quality is a perfect match for the requirements of our clients, as we develop and offer new workflows to enhance their projects."

Halid Hatic, Business and Market Development Latin America at DVS: "We are very pleased that Oxido has chosen DVS CLIPSTER® to provide state-of-the-art stereoscopic post production services to the Mexican market. The winning combination of CLIPSTER's powerful tools with Oxido's talented group of post production professionals guarantees their future success as one of the leading Latin American post production facilities."



Oxido is a Mexican company founded in late 2006 by Marco Rodríguez, Santiago Tower and Ricardo Villarreal. Together they form part of a new generation of professionals in the field of post production and animation. For more than 4 years of providing services, Oxido has brought advanced technologies to their clientele by offering optimized post production workflows for film and advertising. By virtue of their dedication and talent, Oxido now ranks among the top facilities in the Mexican market. Starting in 2006 with 4 people, Oxido in 2011 has 26 people comprising a diverse group of personalities and talents. In 2007, Oxido earned its first "Circle of Gold" distinguished award in Advertising medium, and in 2010 were awarded 3 "Pantalla de Cristal" prizes for their work in post production and color correction. Services include workflows for film and digital processes. They have done projects for the Mexican market as well as for other Latin American markets, and recently for Singapore.