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Outside Broadcast Produced 3 International Test Matches of the Italian Rugby Team in 3D

3D Distribution via La7 to TV sets and via "The Space" to cinemas

During three weekends in November Outside Broadcast produced three test matches of the Italian Rugby Team – Italy - Argentina (Verona-Nov 13th), Italy - Australia (Firenze, Nov 20th) and Italy - Fiji Islands (Modena, Nov 27th) and all in 3D. The 3D content was broadcasted live in Italy at “La7” and the match against Australia was also shown in 3D in selected cinemas of “The Space” chain. In Italy it was the first time such an event was broadcasted live and for free.

Outside Broadcast deployed its 3D ready Unit 14, equipped with the latest 3D state-of –the –art material: one 3D side-by-side camera rig and five 3D mirror camera rigs (swissRig). The experienced 3D team consisted of a stereographer, the cameramen, the convergence operators and the vision engineers.

Only one camera pair (2x LDK-8000 on a side-by-side rig built by Outside Broadcast) was positioned high, all other five camera pairs were positioned at playground level: Four Grass Valley LDK-8000 camera pairs on mirror rigs from swissRig and one mini camera pair on a side-by-side rig on a Steadicam. The work of the convergence operators was supported by the use of a Sony MPE-200 box dedicated to each camera pair.


In addition to the six stereo camera pairs three 2D camera signals were up-converted by Axon before the final 3D signal was mixed on a Grass valley Kayak vision switcher. SloMo replay was supported by EVS XT2 servers and the 5.1 surround sound was achieved with a Lawo mc²66 audio mixer.


Together with the 3D productions in Germany (Bundesliga by Sportcast/WIGE), in Spain (Barca – Real by MediaPro with European distribution) and in England (Premier League by Sky/Telegenic) this was the fourth 3D production last weekend.