Article Overview

Ortho-Stereoscopic Perspective Camera for ‘Live’ 3D HDTV Broadcast Transmission

The All-in-One 3D Camera

Worlds First All-in-One Professional Ortho-Stereoscopic Broadcast Camera for 3D Broadcast with Automatic Zoom, Focus, Horizontal Axis & Moving Sensor Control

This unique camera overcomes all of the problematic issues associated with 2 x 2D on 3D Mechanical Rigs. The technology employed in this totally unique camera system hold 4 patented processes with one associated patent
· Parallel Moving Axis Stereoscopic Camera (Registered)
· Main Viewpoint/Focus Interlocked (Registered)
· Main Viewpoint Control Cross Stereoscopic Camera (Pending)
· Main Viewpoint Interlocked Zoom Control (Associated )

The Main advantages

- Auto Convergence Control which provides easy to use Auto Focus &Zoom (Interlocked & similar to 2D operation)
- No 3D distortion (Keystone, Geometric) No ‘Rolling’ or ‘Vertical Misalignment’
- Adjustable/Automatic separation distance between lenses for 3D depth effect
- Significant time reduction in producing / editing of media
- Utilizes Orthostereoscopic condition simulating the ‘Human Eye’This eliminates dizziness, light hypersensitiveness and motion sicknessConforms to ‘Stereoscopic Image Safe Standard’ (Japan PL law)
- Mobile and light weight with integrated Control System i.e. All-In-One no external processing hardware
- Accessibility is unlimited unlike 70kg+ rigs
- Low set up & break down time
- Real-time delivery with no post production for Live Broadcasting
- High 3D quality maintained at short and long range
- Integrated 3D Multiplexing of left and right images