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The New Website BINOCLE 3D is Online

English language version will come soon

Currently Binocle 3D is online with the new website in French language only - but the English version will come soon

3D: The art of the 21st century

How to master all the parameters of stereo production and obtain a pleasant stereoscopic 3D effect without cerebral stress and thus contribute to the emergence of a new form of cinema and live production? Ever since Binocle was founded, its philosophy, research and development have focused to solve these issues.

Binocle relies on its strong expertise in the fields of film shooting and digital technologies, as well as on a ten-year research and development experience. Thanks to the variety of its staff, which includes cinema professionals, programmers, electronics engineers, technicians and optic engineers, the company is a leading player in the cinema and television industries of the future.


Binocle has formed partnerships with R&D laboratories and international companies to speed up the transition to 3D HD TV. The company is part of a network willing to use and develop 3D technology on a world wide scale.

Binocle 3D