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New 3D Camera Test Chart from DSC Labs

The 3-DZ chart rapidly identifies setup errors in 3D production — potentially diminishing eyestrain, headaches and nausea

DSC Labs, an eco-friendly developer of innovative products for image quality improvement, is pleased to introduce its new 3D camera test chart — the 3-DZ. Initially announced as the prototype "Pilot 3D Chart," the 3-DZ is engineered to quickly pinpoint imprecision in subjective and inefficient setup procedures, resulting in the possible reduction of "3D headaches." "3D viewing can be an exciting and pleasurable experience when cameras and projection systems are set up accurately.

However, misaligned rigs could be responsible not only for contributing to health issues, but also for giving 3D a bad image," comments DSC Labs President David Corley. "While DSC's ChromaDuMonde and other charts enable precision alignment of color, grayscale and resolution in the X/Y coordinates, the 3-DZ adds the missing third, or Z, dimension that is so vital in stereo imaging. We believe that setting up accurately with the 3-DZ at the start of each scene could save hours in reshoots and salvaging scenes in post. It could be the 'ounce of prevention' that provides a 'pound of cure.'"

The 3-DZ consists of five LED lights with adjustable brightness for daylight and studio settings to help simplify the adjustment of virtually any 3D rig. The four corner LEDs provide basic frame alignment and "The Schnoz," a central, adjustable LED, is used to set interocular distance and convergence. Horizontal and vertical indices in 100th (image width) increments also assist in precise and repeatable alignment. "The Schnoz" is adjustable from chart plane to 305 mm (12") in front of the chart surface, and the 3-DZ's graduated set-square, along with X/Y axis adjustment, helps ensure that "The Schnoz's" LED is centered and positioned at the desired distance in the Z plane.


3-DZ Features

Developed through numerous hours of research, testing and collaboration with industry engineers and DP's, the 3-DZ includes:

• DSC's easy-to-use "put 'em in the boxes" color chips

• 11-step patented crossed grayscale for efficient gamma adjustment

• Corner resolution wedges up to 800 LLPH

• Black/white horizontal scale to simplify setting interocular and convergence

• "The Schnoz," a central three-axis adjustable LED, to be used in conjunction with B/W scale

• Corner LEDs adjustable to daylight and studio brightness levels

• Quadrant markers for immediate identification of flipped images

• Central circular "zoom ring" to assist with camera matching

Availability and Pricing
The 3-DZ will be on display at NAB (April 11–14). Attendees will be able to see its unique capabilities demonstrated at the DSC booth (C10215).

About DSC Labs

DSC Labs has been dedicated to image integrity in visual communications for more than 48 years. The company's pioneering engineering achievements include patented image processes and the development of standardized industry-wide test patterns, earning DSC the Fuji Gold Medal for outstanding contributions to television. Using ground source heat/cool technology at the lab, DSC is known for its environmentally friendly production processes and materials, and whenever possible, for designing recyclable products. "Better Images through Research" articulates the company's continuing commitment to making innovative products for image quality improvement.


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