MultiDyne® Supports Next-Generation Video Experience With SilverBACK-4K™

The SilverBACK-4K™ Camera-Mounted Fiber Transport Solution 

MultiDyne®, a leading provider of fiber-optic-based video and audio transport solutions for broadcast and pro A/V applications, today announced SilverBACK-4K™, a powerful new camera-mounted fiber transport solution that supports 4K (Ultra HD) digital television.

Utilizing SilverBACK-4K, users can seamlessly transmit any camera signal — including Ultra HD video, HD-SDI video, audio, intercom, control data, GPIOs, tally, and power — over a single hybrid copper and fiber cable. MultiDyne has announced the SilverBACK-4K at the 2013 NAB Show and was demonstrating the product for the first time.

"As consumer demand for a superior quality viewing experience continues to grow, 4K video will soon be as ubiquitous as HD, especially for digital cinema applications," said Frank Jachetta, president at MultiDyne. "SilverBACK-4K is a cutting-edge, camera-mounted fiber transport solution that enables camera operators to capture all the stunning video quality of 4K from a compact, lightweight, and flexible design that is also cost-effective."


The SilverBACK-4K is available in two versions: a feature-rich model with a video option for viewfinder or monitor viewing in the field and a low-cost model without the viewfinder/monitor viewing option. Ultra HD support can be added to any existing SilverBACK system through a simple upgrade, enabling MultiDyne customers to deliver a state-of-the-art 4K television experience cost-effectively.

MultiDyne's award-winning SilverBACK transport system features an elegant, compact case — measuring just over one inch thick — with a simple, intuitive user interface. Ideal for digital cinema, sports, ENG, D-SNG, and multicamera studio applications, SilverBACK can transport SDI video up to 4K uncompressed with embedded or separate program audio. Users can achieve camera control/RCP paint functions through one of the three available data channels, and an additional back channel is available for camera sync or genlock. Several options are available for optical connectivity including STs, Neutrik® opticalCon, Fibreco Mini 2 expanded beam, and Lemo® 304M. A JUICE power supply can be added to support camera distances of up to 300 meters.


The SilverBACK-4K supports up to four channels of AES or analog program audio as well as a full-featured, single-channel intercom with talk and listen gain adjustments. Additionally, an adjustable PGM inject allows the camera operator to hear program audio mixed with intercom. To enable audio, a mic input with pre-amp is included for talent or camera-mounted audio needs, along with a talent IFB. The receiver features a standard 4-wire intercom output configuration with an optional 2-wire conversion. PGM audio is available for the talent or stage manager via a convenient headphone jack.

About MultiDyne
For more than 30 years, MultiDyne has been a leading provider of innovative video and fiber-optic-based transport systems for the broadcast, cable, satellite, production, digital cinema, pro A/V, corporate, retail, surveillance, teleconferencing, judicial arraignment, transportation, government, military, and healthcare markets. MultiDyne's fiber-optic transport systems for video, SDI, 3G HD, DVB/ASI, VGA, DVI, HDMI, audio, AES, Ethernet, data, CATV, as well as the company's other broadcast accessories are used worldwide by such industry leaders as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, RAI, BBC, and the U.S. Department of Transportation. MultiDyne provides a seven-year warranty on its core product line.