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MEDIAPRO Research continues stereoscope test plans

MEDIAPRO 3D Research Project

MEDIAPRO Research, the R+D department of MEDIAPRO, is continuing its stereoscope test plans as well as evaluating a new prototype 3 D camera and a new 25” Panasonic 3 D screen, which is set to go on general sale in September.

The MEDIAPRO R + D Department is currently testing a new prototype cameras and a 3D monitor

A variety of different areas of the company have been testing the revolutionary products and with the feedback from the researchers from the R+D department and the rest of the MEDIAPRO group technicians, Panasonic may incorporate these suggestions into the final design of the product. Only 3 units have been launched in Europe to date and the official product presentation is slated for the end of May.

MEDIAPRO Research launched the stereoscope tests in 2008 and is currently taking part in a series of R+D projects both at a national and European level.

For more information about MEDIAPRO Research projects please visit the department’s micro-site